Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NBA L.A. Clippers Owner Pressed Players

NBA Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has been fighting during games with words to the Clippers guard Baron Davis, with regard to his game and physical condition according to a report Yahoo! Sports.

Sterling's comments to Davis have included the following sentences according to various sources according to this report: "Why are you in the game?".

"Why did you do that shot?". "You're not in good shape!".

Sterling said little when asked about his comments, according to the report. "When you make it is great, " Sterling said during the rout of the Clippers before the Orlando Magic on Sunday. "When they don´t do it, we all feel disappointed. "

When asked to brief them on the subject, Sterling shrugged and terminated the interview, the report said.

Sterling has also shouted at other players from the Clippers, but Davis is who else has been fooled by the report.

"There is nothing I can say, " Davis said on the comments of Sterling.

"I will not comment on it. Just get to a point where every day is a struggle.

You are fighting unnecessary battles. I'm fighting battles absolutely unnecessary. "It's frustrating because I know and my teammates that I am capable of doing.

Even kids know the other teams. It is very frustrating. "

"Of course it is, " a source close to the Clippers told. "He has made many. There is nothing new. He does it since many years ago. "

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