Thursday, December 30, 2010

Villanueva is OK with Celtics Garnett

Charlie Villanueva and Kevin Garnett

NBA Charlie Villanueva insisted Wednesday he has left behind the conflict that occurred with Kevin Garnett.

The Dominican-American said shortly before Wednesday's game does not feel anything special for face again Garnett and the Celtics. The Detroit forward  view that it was just "one more game. "

After falling on November 2 against the Celtics, Villanueva complained in Twitter that Garnett had called him "cancer patient" during the game in which Boston won by 109-86.  

Garnett denied that version and said he had only said that Villanueva was "a cancer on his team and the league. "

It was the first game between both teams since that dispute. Both coaches declined to be concerned about the possibility of friction arising between the two players.

There was no time for problems to arise, since Garnett was injured.

Had to leave the game with a right leg injury after falling ill during a dunk in the first period.

Garnett grimaced in pain after dumping the ball into the hoop. Immediately after, he began to limp. Came to midfield before a foul to stop the game.

Fell for a moment and seemed to feel much pain on rising. Even covered her face with her hands. Could leave the court, but well when he limped to the locker room.

Garnett, 34, underwent an X-ray, which ruled out a fracture.

In May 2009, Garnett underwent right knee surgery after missing all of the playoffs. He played just 57 matches this year, which limited the possibilities for Boston to win a second consecutive title.

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