Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quisqueya Stadium without electric light

The energy distribution company Edesur cut off light at Quisqueya Stadium on Wednesday because of a debt millionaire.

Major League Baseball and teams Leones del Escogido and Tigres del Licey made ​​a payment of two million pesos and electrical service was restored and they agreed to pay the remaining debt.

The outstanding debt is 10 million pesos (US$ 260,000.00).

Quisqueya Stadium is run by a board headed by José Miguel Bonetti, executive vice president of the baseball team Leones del Escogido.

Quisqueya Stadium will be busy from next week, as well as the Santo Domingo teams Licey and Escogido advanced to the Round Robin games.

Jerome Simpson made unbelievable Touch Down

Simpson did a somersault on Saturday to pass over a defender on the goal line and dial one of the touchdowns with the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Cardinals 23-16 in Arizona and kept looking for the postseason.

Andy Dalton threw a pair of touchdown passes and Cincinnati put up a new Arizona comeback in the last period.

Paul Brown Stadium before a half-empty, the Bengals (9-6) managed just his third season of more victories than defeats in 21 years and are still fighting for the final AFC wild-card

Dalton threw a 11-yard pass to Jermaine Gresham and a 19 to Simpson, who stood with both feet a few yards of the end zone to propel a somersault landing on a defender and squatting in the paint.

Dalton tied Peyton Manning (26), Charlie Conerly (22) and Dan Marino (20) as the only quarterbacks who have thrown 20 touchdowns in his rookie season in the NFL.

Arizona (7-8) rallied from a 23-0 to almost tie, but the receiver Early Doucet discovered he stumbled as he ran and dropped a pass incomplete fourth attempt with 1:11 minutes left.

Villanueva´s suspension is reduced

NBA declined in a game suspensions Charlie Villanueva, Detroit Pistons, and Andrew Bynum, the Lakers, because the season will be shorter than usual.

The Dominican-American Villanueva received a penalty of five games to generate a fight with Ryan Hollins, of Cleveland, and trying to follow entering the Cavaliers' locker room.

Last season marked the first game of the suspension and will now miss the first three of the campaign is about to begin.

Villanueva can play
on December 31 against Indiana.

Al Horford marries former dominican Miss Universe

The wedding of Amelia Vega with the NBA dominican star Al Horford was a reality. As previously mentioned, the link was held on Christmas Eve at the home of singer Juan Luis Guerra, the uncle of beauty.

The wedding was confirmed by Danitez Newtwork a statement in which they were given two images of the emotional moment. The link came as a surprise in the entertainment and sports, as the couple's engagement was not known.

The note states that the couple "made ​​it clear its interest in holding soon a big ceremony and share with friends, media and fans."

The ceremony, set to simple but moving, only attended by fathers, uncles, grandparents and those closest to the couple.

One of the images show a very much in love Horford, who looks at your partner with devotion, while she raises a hand to the face to contain the excitement and apparently tears.

Amelia, a former Universe 2003, is now promoted her first album "Freshwater" and belongs to the team Horford Atlanta Hawks.

"The couple used the date for their marriage because of the holidays that could do high on their agendas," the statement said.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kobe Bryant´s wife asked for divorce

Kobe and wife

The wife of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant on Friday filed for divorce before the courts in California.

Vanessa Bryant presented his order in the Superior Court of Orange County in Santa Ana, and justified in saying that there are irreconcilable disagreements between partners. Documents signed on 1 December and Kobe Bryant filed a response on December 7.

A representative for the couple issued a statement which said: "The Bryant have resolved all issues related to their divorce in private, with the help of lawyers, and a decision on the dissolution of their marital status will be presented in 2012."

The couple has been through 10 years and married with two daughters aged five and eight years. Both asked the justice to share custody of the girls.

The Bryant said in a statement that "the benefit of our daughters and the holiday season to ask the public to respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Kobe Bryant met Vanessa Laine in 1999, when he was 21 and she 18. Six months later he committed and were married April 18, 2001.

In 2003, when the star was accused of sexual assault, his wife introduced him at a press conference in which Bryant admitted that he had committed adultery, but not a crime.

"I know my husband made ​​a mistake, the mistake of adultery," she said in a statement at that time. "He and I will solve it within our marriage.'s Not a criminal."

The case was ultimately dismissed.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Papi classic golf

With the presence of known celebrities of the music business, film, television and Major League Baseball, will be held today the fourth edition of the Celebrity Golf Classic at Camp David Ortiz Punta Espada.

Prior to holding the tournament organized by the star player of the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz appreciated the solidarity of his friends in New England, Boston, who with their presence support social actions that benefit children in the Dominican Republic .

"Celebrities are supporting us as always, and friends who make possible this release. Note that many of the celebrities of the NBA were excused after they were integrated into the training at the announcement of the start of the season.

Ortiz, who gave a press conference yesterday, said he has high expectations, which hopes to continue the work carried out and which benefits families of children with health problems. "Since we started our social work, the Fund has taken David Ortiz joy to many families, and that gives us great satisfaction. More than a year ago we were approached by Robert Reid Cabral Hospital.

Chicharito is injured

The Mexican striker Javier Hernandez, had to leave on a stretcher, the party of your team Manchester United and Aston Villa in Birmingham.

Chicharito collapsed after 7 minutes the first time he tried to get into the penalty area, he sprained his left ankle, without any contact with an opponent.

Then he lay Mexican and visible wince. As seen by the club doctor asked for the change.

A Hernandez inmbilizaron the affected area and removed on a stretcher.

So far there was no official report on the severity of the injury to the United striker.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jack Michael will play in Spain

The Dominican International Jack Michael Martinez has yet to settle his visa problems to call at the Blancos de Rueda from Valladolid, team top division of the Spanish Basketball League (ACB).

Martinez arrived to Valladolid to replace Croatian born German pivot Dalibor Bagaric, who has terminated his contract due to reasons "personal", not adapted to the team.

Bagaric Cedevita play in Croatian, while the Blancos de Rueda is working flat out to get incorporated into Martinez, "a proven quality player who can contribute much to the side is a good rebounder and scorer."

Defined so a few days ago sports director CB Valladolid, Eduardo Pascual, who is this player "for several years", although his arrival in Valladolid is complicated due to visa problems, as confirmed Efe club.

The goal is to make the player joins the Wheel White before the next league match against UCAM Murcia where he could play his first minutes in the ACB and start to show its potential, since it depends on the team continue until end of season or just stay a month.

Mullings suspended lifetime

The Jamaican sprinter Steve Mullings, fourth in the world list of years in the 100 meters with a mark of 9.80, has been suspended for life for repeated a doping offense.

A committee of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Agency formed by Lennox Gayle, the former soccer referee Peter Prendergast and Dr. Japhet Ford has unanimously decided to punish for life Mullings, who tested positive for furosemide at the end of June at the national championships.

This substance is a potent diuretic that allows rapid removal of fluid in the body, so it can be used to mask the presence of other banned substances.

Last Thursday the same committee Mullings convicted but later opened to request documents from the Jamaican Athletics Federation concerning the suspension of two years that accomplished sprinter in 2004.

Mullings, 28, had announced their intention to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The sprinter, who in 2004 spent two years suspended for doping (testosterone), was removed last August, the Jamaican team that participated, a month later, at the World Daegu (South Korea).

"This is a clear message to everyone. Prohibited substances should not be used," said Lennox Gayle.

Hamilton is the fastest in Brazil

The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton achieved the fastest time in Friday practice prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix, the final race of the Formula One season, they outscored the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Hamilton posted a lap of 1 minute, 13,392 seconds at the Interlagos circuit of 4.3 kilometers (2.6 miles). Vettel, and devoted champion of this season, was second with 1:13.559 and 1:13.587 Webber was third. The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso Ferrari won the fourth fastest with 1:13.598.

The GP of Brazil offered the fight for second place in the season, they hope to Jenson Button, Alonso and Webber. Webber was the fastest in the first session on Friday, followed by Button and Hamilton. Alonso was unable to complete the first practice when a mechanical failure had five minutes.

Had to change his engine, but suffered no recourse to sanctions because a used one. The two-time world champion, who had been sixth on the day morning, had control problems in the afternoon and went off track a few times.

MLB labour agreement will affect dominican players

A day before the announcement of the new collective agreement in the major leagues, managers of various clubs pondered what the impact will be on how college baseball players and Latin America.

In Latin America, the agreement shall terminate such contracts colossal with cuban defectors, as the pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who signed for six years and U.S. $ 30.25 million contract with the Cincinnati Reds in 2010.

After learning the new contract, Dayton Moore was asked what his impact on Kansas City, who spent more than $ 14 million this year to be made of amateur players.

With the establishment of new taxes on luxury in the June draft in recruiting players from foreign leagues, owners of the biggest hope to reduce the payment of bonuses to high collegiate players, as well as prospects of countries like the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Agent Scott Boras believes that this will hurt baseball, a sport that has attracted players like Joe Mauer and Carl Crawford over college football.

"The father of a 14 or 15 years say, 'my child can get a full scholarship, my son can go straight to the NFL or NBA, MLB and just can not offer a contract in the minors, and can not even give a bonus similar to that paid by other sports, '"Boras said.

Oberkfell will coach Leones del Escogido again

Ken Oberkfell

Ken Oberkfell, the man who led the Leones del Escogido to win the crown the tournament champion in 2009-10, will be the new leader of the team.

The popular manager also led to the Escogido U.S. win the 2010 Caribbean Series, held on Isla Margarita, Venezuela.

Oberkfell up today to the country on Saturday to take the reins in the match to be held in the stadium San Pedro de Macoris.

In last season, Oberkfell managed until the conclusion of the regular season, when he left the set of professional commitments to the organization of the New York Mets

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NBA without agreement

The players union president of the NBA, Derek Fisher, said he has a clear mandate from their constituents: no agreement with team owners.

The proposed league players receive between 49 and 51% of basketball related income in the new contract, but the players argue that it would be almost impossible to exceed 50.2%.

Players have until Wednesday afternoon to accept the agreement. Otherwise, it is expected that the next offer will be a 53-47 split in favor of team owners and the implementation of a hard salary cap.

The union executive director Billy Hunter, said that while the players want to return to the courts, do not want to accept an unfavorable contract.

Hunter said the players want to negotiate, adding that Commissioner David Stern called to discuss the possibility of returning to the negotiating table.

Alí will remember Frazier

There was a time when Muhammad Ali mercilessly mocked Joe Frazier, called him ugly and questioned his most memorable manhood.

his opponent died on Monday night, Ali overflowed in words of praise for Smokin Joe. "The world lost a great champion. Joe will always remember with respect and admiration, "Ali said in a brief statement. "I send my love to your family and loved ones."

Frazier died at age 67 after a short battle with liver cancer. Frazier and Ali will be linked forever, two heavyweight champions and bitter enemies in the ring who fought in three epic bouts.

won the first match at Madison Square Garden in what is called Fight of the Century. Ali said the last two.

Outside the ring, Ali called Frazier as a gorilla. Within the ring, fought almost to death in his third fight in Manila.

"Good night Joe Frazier. I love you, dear friend, "he wrote on his Twitter account the former world champion George Foreman, who hammered Frazier to win the title. Manny Pacquiao said that boxing has lost a "great champion" and a "great ambassador." Serena Williams saw it as an icon and a pioneer. "We will miss your presence," he wrote on Twitter.

Dominican pitcher is discharged from killing

The pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles Alfredo Simon was acquitted Tuesday by a dominican court in the case of involuntary manslaughter case that weighed against him for an incident on December 31 last year.

"The prosecutor did not prove the charge. The prosecution witnesses said they saw his gun and shoot Simon's experts showed that the bullet that was extracted did not come to the late Simon gun, "he told the AP the player's lawyer, Dinora Dilon.

Simon, 29, was accused of having shot and killed Michael Almonte Castillo, 25, and wounded his brother Starlin Castillo, 17, in an incident on New Year's Eve.

It was not immediately possible to get a reaction from the prosecution.

"With this decision Alfredo is acquitted but the prosecutor has the option to appeal, but is unlikely to make this decision because there was no evidence to show that he was involved in the fact," Dilon said.

Simon had 4-9 record and 4.90 ERA in the 2011 season opener and acting reliever Baltimore Orioles.

"I hope that this ends now. I've been to several hearings and always the same, that the witnesses did not appear, "said Simon on 18 October when another hearing cited the case.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tigres del Licey ´s Player beated wife

Willy Aybar did it again

dominican baseball player Willy Aybar was arrested for hitting his wife in the interior of an apartment, officials said.

The arrest came after neighbors complained that it Aybar had destroyed the entrance to the building where the apartment and heard screams and destruction of objects, according to a statement from the National District Attorney's Office.

The coordinator of the Unit of Attention and Prevention of Violence at the District Attorney, Attorney Aracelys Peralta said that on reaching the place, "the complaint could be contacted neighbors and bloodstains on the floor and the walls of the building, from the first to the sixth floor. "

The complaint was made on Thursday night but was not today when there was the arrest of a player.

The source did not identify Aybar´s wife, who debuted in 2005 with the Major League Baseball team with Los Angeles Dodgers and played his last game in 2010 with the Tampa Bay Rays.

At the time of his arrest, the report added, Willy Aybar "became violent and refused to be driven and lashed by throwing invective against assistant prosecutor."

The baseball player is being held in the courthouse jail in Santo Domingo.

This is not the first time that the dominican player is involved in a domestic violence case. Last June he was arrested after being accused of beating his wife in a hotel near Seattle (USA).

Joe Frazier has Cancer

Joe Frazier, former heavyweight world champion and famous for his trilogy of fights with Muhammad Ali, has liver cancer and was terminally ill.

The former boxer -67- was diagnosed four or five weeks ago, and he is in a hospice, told the AP personal adviser Leslie Wolff.

He said that doctors have told how lifetime Frazier's left.

"There are medical experts analyzing all possible alternatives," said Wolff. "There are very few possibilities, but that does not mean we stop looking. "

Frazier was the first fighter who defeated Ali to overthrow then won a decision of the judges in the so-called Fight of the Century in 1971.

He lost twice to Ali, including his legendary battle in Manila.

"Smokin Joe" was a small but fierce fighter who overwhelmed his opponents with a stream of hits, including his famous left hook.

It was that
blow that knocked down Ali in the 15th. assault on the "Fight of the Century" in 1971 at Madison Square Garden, in which each boxer won an unprecedented $ 2.5 million.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dominican Baseball star Mateo Alou dies

On Thursday
morning died Mateo Rojas Alou, former dominican baseball player, his nephew Jesus Alou son reported that his uncle "Matty" had been very sick and had several complications, to the extent that 3 weeks ago had to put a heart pacemaker in the Miami, where he died.

Mateo Alou was 72 and played 15 seasons in the major leagues, having been with San Francisco, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Oakland, New York Yankees and San Diego Padres.

Lifetime he batted .307 and was champion bat in the NL in 1966 with .342 average.

Mateo and his brothers Felipe and Jesus had a historic day on September 15, 1963, when they played the three at the same time in the outfield for the San Francisco Giants in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field.

The Alou brothers also played for the Leones del Escogido from the Dominican Republic, team whose current general manager is former baseball player Moises Alou, Felipe's son.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Messi reached 200 goals with Barcelona

The Argentine striker Lionel Messi was over two hundred goals as a Barcelona player and with his new hat-trick in the victory over Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League 4-0, registration stood at 202 points, only 33 of the record scorer Barca striker legendary Caesar.

After a hat-trick he got to the last weekend in Mallorca at the Camp Nou (5-0), the Argentine had run to a goal of the round figure, a challenge that has overtaken the score again three goals for the second straight game, thus dispelling all doubts about his fitness.

Furthermore, Messi has already accumulated 42 goals in the Champions League, five of them in this edition of the continental high, ahead of Villa (3) and Pedro (2).

Messi A new feat of reaching more value considering that the squad only 286 games have been enough to achieve those goals 202, since it opened for the first time scorer in the first team in 2005 in a Barcelona-Albacete in the year 2004/05.

This season, accumulating 21 goals Barca star, thirteen of them in the league, five in the Champions League, two in Spain Supercup and one European Super Cup.

It was the second triplet followed by Argentine striker, and scored three on Saturday in a clash of the Spanish league against Mallorca.

Los Angeles Dodgers are sold

The agreement also includes the sale of the rights of the team in the media to "maximize the value of the Dodgers and his owner, Frank McCourt," according to a joint statement.

Blackstone Group LP will handle the sales process.

The agreement ends a tumultuous year for the Dodgers and the permanence of McCourt.

The April, the board of the majors took the extraordinary step of taking control of the Dodgers, a team increasingly paralyzed by McCourt bitter divorce from his wife, Jamie, who served as executive director of the team until he dismissed in 2009.

The Dodgers in June welcomed the protection of a bankruptcy court as provided for in Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act, after McCourt said the rejection of commissioner Bud Selig for a rights agreement on what the media left him without the resources to meet the team's payroll.

McCourt and Selig had an appointment to testify in court this week, but the court adjourned to allow the process to continue the talks.

The new owner would be the third since Peter O'Malley sold the team to News Corp. in 1998. The Dodgers had remained in the family since Walter O'Malley.

O'Malley moved the team from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958.

Monday, October 31, 2011

New York Yankees retain Canó

The New York
Yankees exercised the contract option for next season with second baseman Robinson Cano.

The decision on the choice of the Dominican Cano for 14 million dollars was a mere formality.

Cano, with three All-Star nominations, signed before the 2008 season a four-year contract and $ 30 million that includes two product options.

The slugger, 29, batted .302 this year with 28 homers and 118 RBIs, the most in his career. New York, who could have paid a termination for two million dollars, still has 15 million option for 2013.

Pujols may stay with Cards

Thousands of fans of the St. Louis Cardinals celebrated with a parade through the center of the city to obtain the eleventh title of World Series champion with the good news of the real possibility that the first baseman Albert Pujols to continue with them.

Pujols hinted that he will continue with the Cardinals and did so in the unique setting of the team celebration on Friday won the Fall Clasic.

The Cardinals had a parade through the streets of downtown San Luis, which ended at Busch Stadium, where the Friday night 6-2 to beat the Texas Rangers to get their eleventh title in the 18 shares that have been in the World Series, the second best after the Yankees of New York.

Along the parade thousands of people cheered the players, who were in red and white trucks, like the colors of the team representative.

The route parade ended at Busch Stadium, with a sellout record, where thousands of fans waited for the players to celebrate with them a new ring in the history of the legendary team.

In a series of interviews with key players in the series, Pujols scored when champions were crowned as the best of the season, and though he declined to elaborate on his future with the team, said he would like to continue within the organization of the Cardinals.

He added that currently he and his colleagues and the city of San Luis are celebrating the World Series title, and that negotiations will take place at another time.

But a question about whether to continue with the Cardinals for next season, responded with another question: "Why not."

When attendees at Busch Stadium Pujols heard the response, we cheered and applauded.

Dominican Pujols, who has been 11 seasons in the Cardinals and has become one of the most representative of the team batters, he wins the contract, what would happen if free agency does not reach an agreement with the team to renew the contract.

Dominican Horford talked about NBA lockout

Al Horford has failed to earn 40% of his salary he would received during the current season because of the cancellation of the first month of next season and have his judgments about the guilt of the stalemate in negotiations.

The Atlanta Hawks center believes that the team owners have the key to open the door to prevent a completely canceled 2011-12 season.

"I felt that in the past, players have yielded too much to the owners and I feel like it's over the way they (owners) are trying to do it," Horford said.

Horford, who earned $ 5.4 million in the previous season, will receive about $ 2.1 million for the two fortnights having insurance does not collect unemployment because of the league.

The two-time All Star Team this year begin to collect the first payment of his contract for five seasons and $ 60 million.

According to Horford, who has participated in several meetings between players and owners, the group that owns not give more in claims.

The players have accepted 57% down to 52.5% in revenue received by the league for basketball activities concept, known as BRI. The owners are asked to arrive up to 50%.

La Russa retires from Baseball

Just three days after dramatically winning World Series, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (St. Louis) announced his retirement.

The veteran manager - 67 years - made ​​the announcement at a press conference on Monday at Busch Stadium.

The consecration in the World Series in seven games, beating the Texas Rangers, was the third in the 33-year career as manager La Russa.

"I feel that this is the right decision," said La Russa.

He led the Cardinals to the championship in a season in which he faced enormous obstacles.

• San Luis lost his ace Adam Wainwright all season after undergoing elbow surgery during spring training.

• In addition, managed to overcome a handicap of 10 games and a half to Atlanta August 25 to qualify for the playoffs with a wild card in the National League.

La Russa retires from the Major League Baseball third in the list of victories, 35 by John McGraw.

Besides the title achieved this season, La Russa also was a champion with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 and the Cardinals in 2006.

La Russa said his decision was not made based on a particular factor, but had begun to doubt return in midseason 2012. He said that in August he expressed his wishes to the general manager John Mozeliak and other team officials.

He said that when the conversations that took place just when the Cardinals seemed to be out of the wild card race before his sensational reaction was pure coincidence.

According to La Russa, simply consider that it was time to retire and nothing changed after the Cardinals qualified for the playoffs and then surprise the Phillies, Brewers and Rangers.

"I think this is the right time to put an end," he said.

La Russa was impassive during the press conference, except when he paused to thank his wife, Elaine, and his two daughters to have him patience for much of the past 33 years.

He also said his meeting with the players after the celebratory parade on Sunday was short but emotional.

"Some adult males began to mourn," said La Russa. Then, in jest, the coach joked: "That as I liked because it made me mourn them sometimes."

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