Monday, January 3, 2011

Dominican Baseball Player Killed a Person

Alfredo Simon

Major League pitcher dominican Alfredo Simon is accused of killing a boy and wounding another in Puerto Plata during New Year celebrations, surrendered to police around one o'clock on Monday.

The pitcher who plays for the Baltimore Orioles in MLB was accompanied by his lawyer Carlos Damian Olivares and fellow baseball player Julio Lugo.

At the moment Simon is being interrogated at the Criminal Investigation Department.

The police chief, Major General Jose Armando Polanco Gomez said that the baseball  player will be arrested and handed over to the Prosecutor of Puerto Plata in the next few hours to where they are proved guilty or not with the facts.

However, counsel argued that not only Olivares launcher fired into the air, but were more than 10 people that they did when given at 12 midnight.

Olivares said he believes that his client was the person who fired the bullet that killed Castillo.

Simon said he handed his gun to the Police for investigators to determine his guilt or not.

According to Olivares, the young man who died in the shooting was a cousin of Simon for what he believes that this had to kill it.

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