Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dominican Pujols Looking for the best baseball contract

Albert Pujols

The new baseball contract will make history by Albert Pujols.
It is expected to surpass that of his compatriot Alex Rodriguez.

Baseball's critics say the last time a team tried to renew the contract to the best player in the majors, it was Rodriguez, the Yankees rushed to get their price. And they had to be creative. Could the Cardinals use that tactic?

Executives of St. Louis claim that taking an extension before granting a contract extension for Pujols, ensuring that cost over U.S. $ 30 million, and they are confident that this contract will mean "a before and after for the organization. "

The Yankees found a way to make history with Alex, who broke his contract of $ 275 million had been to Texas, to get an extension with the Yankees, including a series of bonds, which are part of the negotiation, which in Most part of the profits generated by his pursuit of home run leaders all time. The clause, which had its critics, could be worth $ 30 million.

A baseball official with knowledge of the contract described it as "a way to enhance the contract value under special circumstances" and added: "Alex Rodriguez at the time was the best player, Albert Pujols as it is now."

The Cardinals have been very public with his desire to renew for Pujols, who has a three-time MVP, before becoming a free agent after next season 2011. Although there have been very private in the progress they have had.

The daily St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported last week that executives of the Cardinals and Pujols officials resumed negotiations. Pujols wants the new pact will be made before training.

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