Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dominican Soccer Expands

Dominican Football Federation is preparing to conclude a comprehensive program this year to strengthen the discipline within the Ten-Year Plan seeks to go to a World Cup in ten years, which comes in the fifth.

Osiris Guzman, president of the organization and is seeking reelection in office in elections scheduled for 22, said football Creole live their best moments. He highlighted the failure to implement fully the 2010 program, where grew the expectations for the promotion and development of the discipline.

By checking "very good last year, " Guzman said as the celebration of the greatest achievements of Major League tournament for the cup Coca-Cola, the Independence Cup male and female and child national tournament U-15, where there were 32 men's teams and 26 female.

Copa II was made the College Coca-Cola, with 48 schools across the country, as well as the start of the project endorsed by FIFA, "Winning in the Dominican Republic CONCACAF" in the youth category.

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