Monday, January 3, 2011

Ronaldinho Will Sign with Brazilian Soccer Team

The European and Brazilian press have assumed that Ronaldinho Gaucho will leave italian soccer team AC Milan to play for Gremio, the birthplace of soccer star.

The constant rumors for a couple of weeks talking about the possible return of Ronaldinho to Brazil came alive today when it confirmed that the player left Italy to travel to his country.

Ronaldinho is expected to have decided to travel to Brazil to participate directly in negotiations for his transfer.

Milan coach, Maximiliano Allegri, said he found waiting for the departure of Brazilian player official.

"Maybe there is a lack of willingness on your part to succeed at Milan, was convinced he could make a great season. He started well, with regular, but everyone has to make decisions, "he said.

For their part, spokesmen Gremio expressed their confidence in the conclusion of negotiations will culminate positively than the 15th of January.

In addition to Milan, Ronaldinho Gaucho played several seasons at Barcelona in Spain, where he became a scorer and figure, but where he had to leave in 2009 when his performance began to decline.

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