Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beltre Injured Without Playing

Third baseman
dominican Adrian Beltre will miss at least the first week of the preseason games of the Texas Rangers with an injured right calf.

The team's assistant general manager Thad Lavine said the Rangers will be careful with the injury after an MRI revealed a muscle stretch but not break.

"I think we are handling this in a very responsible and conservative manner, taking into account that we are in the spring and the magnitude of the player who is involved, " said Lavine.

Lavine said that Beltre will not play in games at least 10-14 days, but the third baseman should be ready for the first game of the regular season on April 1 against Boston.

The season starts on Sunday.

"Nobody wants to be hurt, especially if it comes to training camps. But we must see the positive side, and it is better to happen now than in the season (regular), " said the Dominican. "Now there is time to be fully healthy and ready for the season. "

Beltre signed a contract last month for five years and $ 80 million, which also includes an option for a sixth season of 16 million.

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