Saturday, February 19, 2011

Detroit Cabrera Arrested for Drinking

Venezuelan Miguel
Cabrera is a renowned Major League baseball player who in the last hours has not been any good. Is in the eye of the storm, for an altercation in the street.

The third baseman of the Detroit Tigers refused to undergo a breathalyser test when he was arrested on Wednesday night, driving while intoxicated noticeable.

According to police, he smelled of alcohol and had trouble speaking. To make matters worse, he took the whiskey bottle in front of the officers. Given the negative to spirometry, had to seek reinforcements.

Cabrera became aggressive and shouted at the policemen. "Do not know who I am?", he claimed, adding, "They know nothing of my problems. " In addition, we took several knees to an agent.

Finally The Police was able to verify that he had a 0.26 blood alcohol level three times more than allowed in the state of Michigan.

Although he was arrested, paid $ 1350 bail and was released, although it was not the first time Cabrera had such conflicts by alcohol.

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