Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dominican Horford Little Big Man in NBA

Stand with 6-10 and 245 pounds makes you feel like a person of great presence everywhere, unless you're an NBA center, a league full of men like Shaq and Dwight Howard.

This means that Al Horford, who plays center with the Hawks, he feels as a former player for the Hawks: Spud Webb.

"It's very even sometimes at the height and weight, without doubt, " said Horford.

"The price is paid by my body when faced with men who are 25 or 30 kilos more than me every night and have six or eight inch height advantage. "

But Horford not only survived but is thriving something that confirmed his second call to the All-Star Game and that says a lot about his ability to play and compete.

small center is not complaining or cursing their fate, simply competes with what he has, with his head barely reaching the throat of his opponents and working as hard as possible.

Do you
wonder why the Hawks are suspiciously close to the Celtics and the Heat in the standings and they were above the Magic, who humiliated the team in Atlanta last summer? Then they can start by Horford.

However, if the Hawks finally get to get a good center to send Horford to power forward position, to which he belongs, is it that we see a better team and better Hawks Horford? Possibly.

"I do not see myself playing as a center for the rest of my career, "he said. "I like to play (as a power forward) full-time at least once in my career. Just to see how it feels. To see what I can do. "Pause.

"I think it would do well. "

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