Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jerry Sloan Quits NBA Utah Jazz

Jerry Sloan

NBA veteran coach Jerry Sloan on Thursday submitted his resignation as coach of the Utah Jazz after bringing to office since December of 1988, more than 22 years, becoming the longest lived of the four 'Great Leagues' American.

As he explained in a statement the club, Jerry Sloan, 68, will be replaced by Tyrone Corbin. Sloan output comes as a result of having had a discussion with the team's general manager, Kevin O'Connor, after the defeat (91-86) against the Chicago Bulls.

The American coach, member of the 'Hall of Fame', had signed a renewal agreement last few dates through the end of the 2012 season, but the discussion has precipitated his departure after 20 years in office.

Sloan is the only coach in adding 1,000 or more wins with one franchise. Having also coached the Chicago Bulls, Sloan has a record of 1,221 wins and 803 losses during his career. Utah Jazz accumulate a positive balance of 31 wins and 23 defeats.

2 comentarios:

sportsfan1981 said...

I'm shocked to hear of his resignation after 23 years as head coach of the Utah Jazz. Nowadays, it's extremely rare for a player, manager, or coach to spend that much time with one organization. I can't believe how much the NBA has changed since he started coaching the Jazz. It will take a long time to get used to the fact he is no longer the head coach.

Administrator said...

Hi sporstfan1981.

Thanks for posting.
Remember NBA is business and Mr. Sloan had almost 30 years coaching the Jazz with Cero Crown.

I think it was time for change...

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