Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kubica OK after Surgery

The Formula One Polish driver Robert Kubica, who yesterday suffered a serious accident during a rally in northern Italy, has spent quiet night after a seven-hour operation he underwent in a hospital near Genoa, said Igor Rossello One of the doctors intervened.

"The hand is hot, which means that the operation has gone well, " said Ross.

The doctor added that "it will take at least six days to see if the blood circulation in the limb respond as expected"and that the pilot will need a year to regain full functionality of the right hand part of your body that was worse stop in the accident.

Kubica, who remained sedated after surgery, he was awakened this morning for several minutes to verify that the conditions were right and then the doctors went back to sleep as usual in these cases, reports the newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport" on its website.

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