Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leo Messi Leads Scoring in La Liga

The Best soccer player Lionel Messi continues making weekly history with spanish champions FC Barcelona while Cristiano Ronaldo is dry and isn't scoring any goal during the last four games with Real Madrid, the argentine has become top scorer and still is breaking records with the catalan soccer club.

Leo Messi continues his duties well and also to overcome Cristiano Ronaldo in particular struggle to be the top scorer in the league, again leaving the Camp Nou and cheered his team made the record for their 16th consecutive wins in the league.

Besides being the top assistant Barca, Messi is already the top scorer of his team and the league, having added 23 points and overcome its main rival and it seems that only in this classification: Cristiano Ronaldo.

And it's that time of the game and the mood between the Argentine and Portuguese are diametrically opposed at this stage of the season.

Although Mourinho out to defend his player, saying that while no single goal mark over here in June and had a fantastic season, Messi is determined to go slowly overcoming CR7 while this sum and four days without doing.

His hat trick against Atletico serve to that of Rosario also have to throw a new scorer and go on like this, who says he does not get his second consecutive Golden Boot. Their numbers point in that direction.

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