Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National Signing Day 2011

Today 2 February is the National signing day 2011, the big day of high school seniors, the signing day is the first day these players - students can sign the National Letter of Intent (NLI) by committing to play college - study in that organization.

The National Letter of Intent may be signed by those players (let's add the students) entering for the first time a 4-year university after the signing.

Recruits who signed the NLI should go to college with which they have signed to receive scholarships and NCAA rules prohibit that they can recruit a posteriori.

With this, the NCAA looks the player has the scholarship and college to ensure the player.

Verbal commitments are worthless, a player can commit to a college and then sign the NLI with another college, there are many cases and some with media coverage since the signing day has great coverage and many high school players usually enjoy that day of his 15 minutes of fame.

The most valuable players, the five stars, tend to do press conferences, usually in high school, where university announced it has committed and this event is usually very presence of the media.

Known in the case of Antonio Logan who had verbally committed to the University of Maryland and for the announcement press conference with the local ESPN cameras, organized his show, after moving from Tennessee and Miami hats and before the enthusiasm of the fans of the Terps did the same with that of Maryland and taking a picture of Joe Paterno is going to inform that to Penn State.

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