Sunday, February 6, 2011

NY Mets Demanded by Fans

massive fraud scandal Bernard Madoff has re-emerged into the world of Major League Baseball after the owners of the New York Mets were sued by the representative of the victims have obtained illegal profits.

According to a lawsuit, the owners of the Mets decided to ignore the massive fraud caused by Madoff, were $ 300 million in false profits and used much of that figure to lead the team.

In the same also notes that owners of the team that plays in the National League as dependent on the incredible profits to be true that offered Madoff that "faced a serious and immediate liquidity crisis"when the financial crimes were revealed in the 2009.

The harsh criticisms were made by Irving Picard, the trustee appointed to recover funds for investors deceived by the Madoff Scheme.

The lawsuit was filed by Picard in a federal bankruptcy court in Manhattan where the firm is named Sterling Equitis and its partners and their families among those who are the owner of the Mets, Fred Wilpon, the president Saul Katz, and chief executive officer Jeff Wilpon and son of the owner.

Picard says the company disposed of 94 million dollars in profits bogus accounts held by the Mets with Madoff.

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Dominic & Ronnie Sue said...

Do you feel your investments are safe? Do you think your account statement reflects the balance in your account?
Do you know that while Irving Picard is questioning and accusing JPMC and the Wilpons, that he’s also pursing innocent investors?

Do you know that there’s no guarantee that your broker is not a crook?

Read how Congress is helping and how you can support the safety of your own investments.

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