Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raul Back to Spain

Spanish Soccer Super star Raúl
González became as top scorer in European play with a goal that helped Schalke to take a 1-1 draw on a visit to Valencia in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

On his return to Spain after leaving Real Madrid this summer, Raul billed his goal at 64 minutes and now has 71 goals in the UEFA tournament, one ahead of Germany's Gerd Muller.

After receiving a pass from compatriot Jose Manuel Jurado, Raúl was able to take off his mark of defender David Navarro and defined with a shot to the far post.

Valencia had advanced to 17 in their Mestalla stadium with a goal from Roberto Soldado, another former Real Madrid striker.

In addition to their record, Raul left his German team in an enviable position for the first leg on 9 March.

It also raised its crop to 14 goals in 25 games against Valencia.

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