Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ron Artest in Trade Talks?

Ron Artest

Los Angeles Lakers Forward Ron Artest said recently he still feel good playing for the current NBA Champions even his role has been reduced as a daily player.

"Just because you're not comfortable doesn't mean that you're not happy," he said. "Obviously when I was on other teams, I got a lot of touches. But I'm playing with the greatest player in the history of the game, and I'm playing with All-Stars. I don't have a problem with looking bad on the court for the benefit of the team."

"Ron's limited in his activity, simply because he got banged up in the Boston game," Jackson said. "He's really limited. He's not running freely. You can see it [in the second half against Houston] -- he couldn't get loose again. A lot of things go into this besides the speculation which you guys have going on."

During the NBA Season start, some sources reports of an argument between Artest and coach Phil Jackson during practice surfaced.

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