Monday, February 14, 2011

Woods fined for spitting

Tiger Woods was fined on Monday for the PGA tour of Europe after being surprised when spat during the last round in Dubai.

The incident occurred Sunday in the green of hole 12, after the U.S. golfer missed a putt for par.

"Tournament director Mike Stewart, reviewed the incident and found to be quebratnó code of conduct for this tour and Tiger Woods will be fined, " said European tour in a statement.

Not reported the amount of the fine.

The Tour Code of Conduct states that when a player is part of it is "voluntarily agree to standards of conduct and ethics that go beyond what is required the rest of the golfers and the public. "

Woods began the day on Sunday to blow the lead, but could not recover after a couple of bogeys in the first three holes.

Television cameras Woods surprised when spitting in a previous round of the tournament in Dubai.

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