Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Dominicans Climb to Mount Everest

Dominicans traveled to the Himalayan Mountains to meet their goal of becoming the first citizens of his country to reach the mountain of Mount Everest.

Ivan Gomez, Karim Mella and Federico Jovine and left on the Iberia Airlines flight bound for Madrid, Spain.

The three young Dominicans on a journey of approximately 60 days where he began training to acclimatise the body to then take to the summit of Everest.

During the farewell ceremony at the Airport Las Americas, Ivan Gomez recalled that climb Everest "because Dominicans can. "

"We're going to climb Mount Everest and crown not only to conquer a personal goal, but to send a message to the Dominican youth that we can achieve great things when we are suggested" he said.

The three climbers have completed intensive months of training, mainly up twice a month to Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Caribbean islands and located in central Dominican Republic.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain above sea level, with 8 thousand 848 meters.

It is located in the Himalayas in Asia, and marks the border between Nepal and China.

The mountain was named Mount Everest after Sir George Everest, British geographer, in 1865.

Ferguson Praises Chicharito

Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson has hailed the impact of Javier Hernández during his first season at Old Trafford and in an exclusive interview with ESPN, said he expects the 22-year Mexican improve further.

Ferguson was speaking at the announcement of United's summer tour to the United States, for the second consecutive year, the Red Devils will face the eleven selected in Major League Soccer in the annual game of stars, which be held at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey, on Wednesday 27 July.

It was at this game last year for the first time Hernandez wore the colors of United, and striker marked the occasion with a goal that immediately generated rave reviews from his manager and his senior colleagues.

"I remember saying to Paul Scholes ' he'll score 25 goals, '" said Ferguson. "I said, 'do you believe?". He said,' Yes, he has the touch '. So we had expectations that mark. "

Goals from Hernandez in the World Cup against France and Argentina had already suggested that he was a rising star, but despite these impressive displays and their promise in the preseason game, Ferguson did not expect the level of consistency that led to mark 16 times in 34 games this season.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olimpic Dominican Pools are out of Service

Ten years and seven months of an investment of 125.4 million dominican pesos, the aquatic complex of Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center is virtually closed due to lack of maintenance.

Seems to drown in their own waters without the intervention of the hand lifeline of the state, responsible for the preservation of this heritage of Dominican society.

The water seems to be his own enemy, because when rain falls flooded much of the physical plant and the water contained in the four pools, when the engines do not work, then become a source of contamination which has forced many athletes go to social clubs.

Three of the four pools are closed setting, the same happens with several batteries of bathrooms, technical offices, gymnasium, among other areas whose doors have been closed with heavy chains and padlocks.

Enabling pools and other areas has been left to time.

What should be a training center for swimming, synchronized swimming, diving and water polo, only serves a few athletes who share the one pool open, physical plant, rather worships neglect.

It seems that nobody have control, because people outside the discipline explicitly open holes penetrate the perimeter fence for a dip, putting at risk the health of athletes.
Over time, many athletes do not attend these facilities because of the risks of disease.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shaq Will Be back on April

The coach of the Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers, was charged with denying the rumors that Shaquille O'Neal will be part of a four-game tour that will take the team, said the return of their players could be next April 5.

Rivers said he thinks that date is the most viable for return of O'Neal, who face the Sixers in Philadelphia.

O'Neal, who has been sidelined since Feb. 1 and discomfort in the foot, including the Achilles tendon, received a cortisone shot Tuesday and was prescribed wear a protective boot that will immobilize the limb.

"O'Neal's participation in our upcoming tour is a possibility, but not very likely, " Rivers said this morning, adding that "within the team, the players will hear many things, fortunately they are all very optimistic. "

Vettel Won F1

It was almost like a carbon copy of last year. Sebastian Vettel showed his hierarchy champion in Formula One and with an impeccable career beat Lewis Hamilton to win the Grand Prix of Australia.

Long After the pole position, the German driver Red Bull kept his lead after the first round and at all times exhibited superiority in the Albert Park circuit.

Hamilton second

The British Hamilton tried to fight back as he could, but his effort was undermined in dealing with problems in the floor of his McLaren. Hamilton had to settle as the escort of Vettel, 22 seconds.

"I have a car that is fast, yet reliable and that is the key, " said Vettel, the youngest champion in history at 23 years.

"For the first time I have finished so well in Australia, so I'm super happy. " No one dares to say that Vettel's consecration last year was by chance.

The surprise was the Russian Vitaly Petrov to get third place and climb the podium for the first time.

"Frankly, I think I'm sitting here with these guys, " Petrov said in a press conference after the race.

With a strategy of two pit stops with new Pirelli tires, Vettel stopped first in the 14th round and returning to the track was third ahead of Jenson Button (McLaren).

Franchitti Won Indycar

The Scotsman
Dario Franchitti, defending series champion, yesterday won the first race of the IndyCar season, and showed once again be the team to beat.

Franchitti took over the tip since the start of the race and had virtually no problems on the track of Saint Petersburg.

The Scot made ​​an almost perfect trip along the 100 laps on a street circuit of 1.8 miles.

Crossed the finish line over seven seconds ahead of Will Power, who had long first.

Brazilian Tony Kanaan, the series champion in 2004 and who had just arrived on Monday with his new team, ahead of the Swiss Simona de Silvestro in the closing laps for finishing third.

De Silvestro was the best place in 18 lifetime races in this series. Danica Patrick was eleventh in a disappointing start of his seventh season in the IndyCar.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caribbean Air Show in Dominican Republic

Thousands of people gathered yesterday at the Malecón de Santo to attend the exhibition and stunt flying by pilots of different nationalities.
It was the "Caribbean Air Show 2011" prepared by the celebration of the centenary of the Dominican aviation. The show will be repeated today from one of the evening.

Hundreds of thousands of people were witness to the skills, acrobatics and mastery of the planes made by experienced pilots who braved the height and gravity, where they risk their lives in order to provide a great spectacle to the Dominican people, action taken yesterday celebration of Caribbean Air Show, celebrating 100 years of Dominican Aviation, in a ceremony attended by President of the Republic Dr. Leonel Fernández, as well as government and military authorities and the sport.

U.S. pilots and different nations, made a spectacular show that had satisfied those present at the George Washington Avenue, between Avenues Maximo Gomez and Abraham Lincoln, but the large number of people crammed twice the space reserved.

Attendees enjoyed the low-flying, where the pilots came almost to touch the rough waters of the Caribbean Sea.

American Museum Include Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez had a meeting yesterday of "bullpen" for what could be the next "out" in baseball, of course, in Cooperstown the day of his exaltation to the Hall of Fame.

"Let's say that yes, this is the heating of what will come, " Martinez told on the Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum in the U.S. capital.

The prestigious institution unveiled a portrait, which will be on permanent display in the historic F Street building in downtown Washington, the winner of three Cy Young awards and one of the most dominant pitchers of all time. Peter becomes the fourth player in Latin America whose figure is present in this museum.

The others are also dominicans Juan Marichal and Sammy Sosa and Roberto Clemente.

Similarly, Martinez, 40, is the youngest among the 50 players, in which his figures are framed by a painting.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ESPN Radio Will Host From Santo Domingo

ESPN Radio has reached an agreement with the Lopez Group communications to represent the brand in the Dominican Republic.

The transmission of ESPN in Spanish will be at the frequency 6.90 and 104.5 nationally for the National District.

also will broadcast in English by 1380 to signal level. The sign in English is high in baseball, basketball, boxing and football, which will bring information to U.S. residents and all those who speak English.

The signal in Spanish has a variety of sports besides the traditional ones like the Dominican fans will the Mexican and South American footbal leagues along with Spain and Europe. We will have the participation of the Jorge Ramos commenting known sport.

The Dominican Republic will have the opportunity to hear the show by Enrique Rojas, ESPN superstar and more related to the major leagues. Enrique Rojas program will be heard at 1:00 pm at the frequency 6.90 AM at the national level and 104.5 for Santo Domingo.

Spanish PGA Finals at Cap Cana

The Professional Golfers' Association of Spain (PGA) in collaboration with the Severiano Ballesteros Foundation and Aymerich company presented a new circuit consists of eight tests, all over the country, and a final to be played for the first time in the Dominican Republic.

Carlos Roca, president of the PGA of Spain, described the circuit as "great news for the national golf", explaining that the agreement is for the next five years.

Each test will have a prize around 40,000 euros, and the Championship of Spain of the PGA, which will be integrated into the circuit, of 70,000 euros.

The big news of the circuit is that for the first time the final will be played outside Spain and specifically in Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The circuit is open to amateur and professional players a certain level, which can be classified into parallel tournaments through the school parallel to the tournaments.

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