Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Abidal has a liver tumor

Éric Abidal will have surgery next Friday in Barcelona of a tumor in the liver. Detected during medical tests, the importance of the tumor can not be diagnosed until such time as the result of the biopsy.

The doctors
are confident that the disease can be resolved by surgical treatment to be submitted to the player at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, by Dr. Josep Fuster Obregón.

The player, 31, normally involved in Saturday's game in the area of ​​Seville and played 90 minutes.

was going through a superb run of form and had established itself as a starter in the central position, which was not originally theirs.

Once they
knew the disease that afflicts the player, both the club and himself acted quickly Abidal.

, as they call several companions, was the first to express their desire to be operated as soon as possible and to respect their right to privacy.

Barcelona was noted that intention in the official note issued Tuesday night, as quickly as possible to avoid any speculation.

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