Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caribbean Air Show in Dominican Republic

Thousands of people gathered yesterday at the Malecón de Santo to attend the exhibition and stunt flying by pilots of different nationalities.
It was the "Caribbean Air Show 2011" prepared by the celebration of the centenary of the Dominican aviation. The show will be repeated today from one of the evening.

Hundreds of thousands of people were witness to the skills, acrobatics and mastery of the planes made by experienced pilots who braved the height and gravity, where they risk their lives in order to provide a great spectacle to the Dominican people, action taken yesterday celebration of Caribbean Air Show, celebrating 100 years of Dominican Aviation, in a ceremony attended by President of the Republic Dr. Leonel Fernández, as well as government and military authorities and the sport.

U.S. pilots and different nations, made a spectacular show that had satisfied those present at the George Washington Avenue, between Avenues Maximo Gomez and Abraham Lincoln, but the large number of people crammed twice the space reserved.

Attendees enjoyed the low-flying, where the pilots came almost to touch the rough waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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