Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ESPN Radio Will Host From Santo Domingo

ESPN Radio has reached an agreement with the Lopez Group communications to represent the brand in the Dominican Republic.

The transmission of ESPN in Spanish will be at the frequency 6.90 and 104.5 nationally for the National District.

also will broadcast in English by 1380 to signal level. The sign in English is high in baseball, basketball, boxing and football, which will bring information to U.S. residents and all those who speak English.

The signal in Spanish has a variety of sports besides the traditional ones like the Dominican fans will the Mexican and South American footbal leagues along with Spain and Europe. We will have the participation of the Jorge Ramos commenting known sport.

The Dominican Republic will have the opportunity to hear the show by Enrique Rojas, ESPN superstar and more related to the major leagues. Enrique Rojas program will be heard at 1:00 pm at the frequency 6.90 AM at the national level and 104.5 for Santo Domingo.

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