Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Stadium for Chavez in Lybia

The green sign with white letters of the modern sports complex in Benin (eastern Libya) are still the Hugo Chavez Stadium, but the Libyan opposition decided to rename the field as Martyrs of February, a tribute to the victims of the revolt against Gaddafi, as indicated informally in red graffiti on the walls.

"The name was officially changed to 'Martyrs of February'. The decision was made by the National Council (opposition to Gaddafi) following a request from the local population, " said Khaled told AFP Tuesday the Barghati, police officer Benina (20 km from Benghazi), responsible for guarding the stadium.

A spokesman for the Libyan opposition, Mustafa Ghuriani, confirmed to AFP that the name of the stadium, located in this town near the airport in Benghazi (1,000 km east of Tripoli), had been changed.

The "Hugo Chavez Stadium " was opened in March 2009 and has capacity for 11,000 spectators.

It was named for Chavez "in recognition of its revolutionary program in Venezuela and its future role in South America", as had been indicated at the time the Libyan authorities.

Venezuelan President is near to Muammar Gaddafi , proposed last week to create an international peacekeeping mission made up of several friendly countries who can act as mediators between the Libyan leader and insurgents

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