Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olimpic Dominican Pools are out of Service

Ten years and seven months of an investment of 125.4 million dominican pesos, the aquatic complex of Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center is virtually closed due to lack of maintenance.

Seems to drown in their own waters without the intervention of the hand lifeline of the state, responsible for the preservation of this heritage of Dominican society.

The water seems to be his own enemy, because when rain falls flooded much of the physical plant and the water contained in the four pools, when the engines do not work, then become a source of contamination which has forced many athletes go to social clubs.

Three of the four pools are closed setting, the same happens with several batteries of bathrooms, technical offices, gymnasium, among other areas whose doors have been closed with heavy chains and padlocks.

Enabling pools and other areas has been left to time.

What should be a training center for swimming, synchronized swimming, diving and water polo, only serves a few athletes who share the one pool open, physical plant, rather worships neglect.

It seems that nobody have control, because people outside the discipline explicitly open holes penetrate the perimeter fence for a dip, putting at risk the health of athletes.
Over time, many athletes do not attend these facilities because of the risks of disease.

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