Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spanish PGA Finals at Cap Cana

The Professional Golfers' Association of Spain (PGA) in collaboration with the Severiano Ballesteros Foundation and Aymerich company presented a new circuit consists of eight tests, all over the country, and a final to be played for the first time in the Dominican Republic.

Carlos Roca, president of the PGA of Spain, described the circuit as "great news for the national golf", explaining that the agreement is for the next five years.

Each test will have a prize around 40,000 euros, and the Championship of Spain of the PGA, which will be integrated into the circuit, of 70,000 euros.

The big news of the circuit is that for the first time the final will be played outside Spain and specifically in Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The circuit is open to amateur and professional players a certain level, which can be classified into parallel tournaments through the school parallel to the tournaments.

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