Friday, April 29, 2011

Gadafi Family Sponsored Formula 1

The Gadafi
family proposed to sponsor McLaren Formula 1 team in early 2010, said yesterday the Daily Mail on its website, in a report that confirmed the team itself soon after.

According to the Daily Mail, Alex Waters, former Formula 3, served as intermediary between the Office of Tourism in Libya, led by Saif Gaddafi, son of the leader of Libya, and McLaren, in a sponsorship project would have reached the 25 million pounds (about 28 million euros).

McLaren said there was "no meeting " between its employees and representatives of the Libyan consortium and the deal never got past the "preparatory phase. "

The Daily Mail spoke of other contacts between Gaddafi's son and the father of Waters for the supply of cars Supacat, British-made military designs, but not signed any contract, explained the newspaper.

Hanley Anxious in Worst Baseball Season

The poor start that has recorded the shortstop for the Florida Marlins, Hanley Ramirez, begins to worry manager Edwin Rodriguez.

Presented in a way anxious in the batter's box, according to Rodriguez is the cause why the Dominican Republic is going through a rough patch.

"First he (Hanley) is putting undue pressure, " said the skipper of the Marlins . "Hanley thinks he has to carry the team offensively and it is not. Has gradually come to realize that situation, "he added.

He also indicated that another negative factor that is facing the winner of Rookie of the Year 2006 National League is the type of adjustment being made ​​at the time of seeing pitches.

"He is very anxious when in the batter's box. He comes out strongly against the ball. This motivates the strike zone expands more. That's basically what he is doing and what the time is in such poor state offense, "he said.

In his first 72 at-bats, Hanley has not homered and has driven in only 11 runs. At the game last Wednesday against the Dodgers, went hitless in the game that beat the Dodgers 5-4 to the Florida Marlins.

Maradona said too Early for Messi being the Best

Diego Maradona avoided comparisons with his compatriot Lionel Messi, in a bid that seems installed in world football over who was the better player of the two.

Maradona, who retired as a player 14 years ago, is regarded by FIFA along with Brazilian Pele as the best footballer in the world. Messi, Barcelona genius, is doing well enough to join that duo.

Maradona at the Clarin newspaper said Friday when asked to compare with Messi.

"Why Maradona or Messi? The two did ... I did my career and Messi is doing. It will be the story that decision, " said the ex Pibe de Oro "Some people like more one or the other . But today there is no Maradona or Messi. "

Maradona said that he and Messi "are two Argentines who could beat the European football like us, when many did not cross the Rio de la Plata. Out of respect for Lio not say if he is better or I was better. We must leave it alone. I love Lio and I enjoy it when I see on the court.

Maradona at the Clarin newspaper said Friday when asked to compare with Messi.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L.A.Lakers Artest Chose Best Citizen

How to get to
change a life. One of the ultimate bad guys of the NBA, Ron Artest, has been awarded the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award as the best NBA city in the world according to the press following the links daily.

This award is given annually to the player who contributed most to the community has made ​​throughout the year.

Known is the effort of purring in raising public awareness about mental health problems, especially among smaller, and to help such a cause has raised significant amounts, dodged even got a championship ring last summer, which grossed 650 000 dollars and has not cared to show your picture to an announcement concerning such a delicate subject.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeter and Alex Don't Get Along

An unauthorized biography
of Derek Jeter brings to the fore his relationship with Alex Rodriguez since they met in 1993.

, betrayal and disappointments qualify the friendship of that rare pair of New York Yankees superstars according to an unauthorized biography of Jeter coming out in bookstores next month, the two partners of the New York Yankees have spent swing last decade becoming one another.

The newspaper "The New York Post" extracted from the book "The Captain", written by sports journalist Ian O'Connor, who tells the old relationship between the two superstars from his days as rookies in the majors to their present coexistence the Bronx.

O'Connor account the friction between Jeter and Alex was so legendary that a Yankees official admitted he was too afraid to suggest to Jeter to make peace with Alex. "It would be the last conversation he had had with Jeter, " the official said of the Yankees. "It would be like Joe DiMaggio to approach him to talk about Marilyn Monroe. "

The book also mentions Don Mattingly, then the team batting coach, and who tried to intervene even citing his own history unfriendly to Wade Boggs.

Jeter, 36, was a Yankee rookie and A-Rod, 35, a newly chosen in first round by the Seattle Mariners, when they met at a baseball game Michigan-Miami in 1993. Were presented by agent Steve Caruso, who noted that A-Rod and Jeter was fascinated.

The couple had much in common: they were young shortstops, ambitious cusp of stardom and divided their time between the house of A-Rod in Seattle and the West Side apartment of Jeter. They appeared together on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997.

The break came in 2000 when A-Rod, who played for the Texas Rangers after a historic 10-year contract and 252 million dollars, made ​​a series of public comments that will hurt a lot Jeter, who was in the midst of negotiating of his contract (which then signed for 10 years and 189.5 million U.S. dollars). "It just does not power numbers, "he said A-Rod to an interviewer from ESPN Radio about whyhe was more paid than his colleague. "And defensively does not do all those things, " he added.

It was like a line to the heart of Jeter. And A-Rod knew at once that made ​​a big mistake. He drove 90 minutes from the training camp of the Rangers in Port Charlotte, Florida, to Jeter's house in Tampa to apologize.

Boston Celtics Swept New York Knicks

Garnett and Rajon Rondo were great and the Boston Celtics won 101-89 Sunday to the New York Knicks to sweep the series 4-0 in best of seven games and seal the first playoff berth in the semifinals of the Conference NBA Eastern.

Garnett contributed 26 points and 10 rebounds, and Rondo 21 and 12 assists.

Nadal Won Barcelona Open

Rafael Nadal overcame yesterday 6-2, 6-4 to David Ferrer in the second clash between Spanish referred to in the end, this time for the Barcelona Open title.

Nadal rose for the sixth time the championship trophy of the Conde de Godo.

The world number one streak stretched to 29 wins in the tournament on the clay surface.

It was also the title number 45 in Nadal's career and second consecutive after beating Ferrer last week, also in straight sets in Monte Carlo.

Nadal was champion in Barcelona from 2005-2009, with wins over Ferrer in the finals of 2008 and 2009. Nadal missed last year's edition.

As if that were not enough, the Spanish star 24 year old became the first player to win two tournaments in six or more times in the open era. He has won the Monte Carlo Masters on seven occasions. .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FC Barcelona is the team that pays more

Spanish soccer teams FC Barcelona and Real Madrid beat the Baseball team New York Yankees as sports teams with the best salaries in the world, according to a British study released Wednesday.

Analysis indicates that the average annual wages paid by Barcelona in the 2009-10 season was U.S. $ 7.9 millions, while Real Madrid paid an average salary of $ 7.4 millions.

The Yankees are paying their players an average of $ 6.8 millions this season.

In the NBA, the Lakers and Orlando Magic were the fourth and fifth place, followed by the champion of English Premier League, Chelsea.

Manchester City, Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal are also among the 30 teams with better pay, making the Premier League football with the best salaries in the world.

Boston Celtics Headed to Semi Finals

The Boston Celtics did not need a infartante final on Friday, this time devoted to spoil the game against New York at Madison Square Garden since the opening minute.

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo shone in the victory of the Celtics 113-96 on the New York Knicks, who gave them a 3-0 lead in their series of first round of the playoffs.

Never an NBA team has lost a series after taking the difference, as the defending champions of the East are preparing a probable junction with the Miami Heat in the conference semifinals. The Celtics could sweep the Knicks on Sunday afternoon.

Pierce scored 38 points, Allen had 32 and Rondo set a record for the Celtics

Nadal y Ferrer to Finals

Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer will play their second consecutive final after bypass both the Barcelona Open semifinals. Nadal dispatched on Saturday 6-3, 6-2 Ivan Dodig, while defeated Ferrer 6-3, 6-4 win over Spanish compatriot Nicolas Almagro.

Nadal beat Ferrer last week at the Monte Carlo Masters final.

The world number one won eight points and gave no response Dodig opportunity to take 2-0 lead in the first set.

MLB Take L.A. Dodgers

Major League Baseball decided to assume the administration of the L.A. Dodgers, a team overwhelmed their finances after the divorce of their owners.

Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he will appoint arepresentative to handle the "financial management and daily operations of the club. "

Selig said in a statement it took the action because of my deep concern about finances and conduct of the Dodgers.

His decision was announced after Los Angeles Times reported that owner Frank McCourt had processed a loan of 30 million dollars from Fox, the television network that broadcasts the team's games.

Selig had not given his approval to a new long-term contract between the franchise and Fox, and the Times said the Dodgers needed the money to pay its payroll. "My office will continue itsthorough investigation of the operations and finances of theDodgers and its related entities during the period that Mr. McCourthas been the owner, " said Selig.

"The Dodgers have been one of the most prestigious franchise in all sports, and we owe it to his legion of loyal fans to make sure thisclub is run properly now and will be guided properly in the future, "he added.

Selig said he will announce the new director of the club in the coming days.

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