Thursday, April 7, 2011

D' Antoni Wish to stay with New York Knicks

A day
after clinching a playoff spot, coach Mike D'Antoni said he wants to stay in New York.

"I love what I do. I like my players, so everything's fine, "D'Antoni said after practice Monday. "Again, I'm not focused on that per se, but hypothetically ... love me. "

D'Antoni is under contract through next season. His agent was at practice on Monday and was seen talking to team president and general manager Donnie Walsh.

D'Antoni told reporters not to read anything into the fact that his agent was in practice.

He also said he was not worried about their future. "You do the best you can. And it usually works in some way, "said the coach. "I have 60 years, so that I have to live and die for this. If I were 40, would be more worried, "said the coach.

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