Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dominican Dead Prospect Didn't Get any Help

The Dominican prospect Yewri Guillen, who died Thursday of bacterial meningitis, did not receive medical care while at the Academy of the Washington Nationals in the Dominican Republic, confirmed on Sunday a team executive.

"He was under observation because he had a headache and fever. (The academy) we have a trainer (trainer) is not a physician but a person who gives first aid and first treatment when a player is injured, said the manager of the academy, Fausto Severino, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Guillen, 18, spent three days sick in the academy until he was sent home. He was taken to the doctor for his family and died a week after being hospitalized. "I can not comment on what was done with the other players. Only the front office staff and medical team in the United States can address this issue, " said Severino.

According to the executive, the National Academy is closed, as had been planned before the start of the Summer League in the Dominican Republic.

Team physician Weimi Douoghih told a Washington news site that everyone who had contact with Guillen received the medicines.

Severino, however, said action was taken "to prevent future problems. "

Guillen was signed in February by the Nationals for $ 30 000 and played at shortstop. He
had to travel
this summer to play in one of the minority of the whole circuit.

He was a promising player to enter the problems faced by inconsistencies in their professional identity.

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