Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeter and Alex Don't Get Along

An unauthorized biography
of Derek Jeter brings to the fore his relationship with Alex Rodriguez since they met in 1993.

, betrayal and disappointments qualify the friendship of that rare pair of New York Yankees superstars according to an unauthorized biography of Jeter coming out in bookstores next month, the two partners of the New York Yankees have spent swing last decade becoming one another.

The newspaper "The New York Post" extracted from the book "The Captain", written by sports journalist Ian O'Connor, who tells the old relationship between the two superstars from his days as rookies in the majors to their present coexistence the Bronx.

O'Connor account the friction between Jeter and Alex was so legendary that a Yankees official admitted he was too afraid to suggest to Jeter to make peace with Alex. "It would be the last conversation he had had with Jeter, " the official said of the Yankees. "It would be like Joe DiMaggio to approach him to talk about Marilyn Monroe. "

The book also mentions Don Mattingly, then the team batting coach, and who tried to intervene even citing his own history unfriendly to Wade Boggs.

Jeter, 36, was a Yankee rookie and A-Rod, 35, a newly chosen in first round by the Seattle Mariners, when they met at a baseball game Michigan-Miami in 1993. Were presented by agent Steve Caruso, who noted that A-Rod and Jeter was fascinated.

The couple had much in common: they were young shortstops, ambitious cusp of stardom and divided their time between the house of A-Rod in Seattle and the West Side apartment of Jeter. They appeared together on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997.

The break came in 2000 when A-Rod, who played for the Texas Rangers after a historic 10-year contract and 252 million dollars, made ​​a series of public comments that will hurt a lot Jeter, who was in the midst of negotiating of his contract (which then signed for 10 years and 189.5 million U.S. dollars). "It just does not power numbers, "he said A-Rod to an interviewer from ESPN Radio about whyhe was more paid than his colleague. "And defensively does not do all those things, " he added.

It was like a line to the heart of Jeter. And A-Rod knew at once that made ​​a big mistake. He drove 90 minutes from the training camp of the Rangers in Port Charlotte, Florida, to Jeter's house in Tampa to apologize.

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