Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kobe Homofobic

NBA Super Star Kobe Bryant has gotten into big trouble by homophobic, but the story continues. Now a gay basketball league has asked Kobe to play in a game. They said they saw him apologizing and if you really feel it, display it.

Do not know yet know if you plan to play with them, but it would be quite interesting if he played with LAMBDA.

The organization
is well known in Los Angeles, where Kobe plays with the Lakers. Many believe that after an apology and pay an amount of $ 100,000, Kobe has already done more than you need to do, but of course there is always someone who wants more.

Let ´s see if he accepts the invitation. Many comments support the decision not to play because they say it is not necessary to spend more time trying to fix this situation, but there are some who say it should.

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