Sunday, April 3, 2011

New York Mets Abuse Feliciano

The Yankees general manager Brian Cashman on Saturday accused the Mets of abuse in recent years in using the injured reliever Pedro Feliciano.

`` They abused him,''Cashman said. `` The pattern of use was unfair.''

The left-hander, who is on the disabled list because of a strained left rotator cuff, had a total of 344 relief appearances over the past four seasons, a major league record for a period of four years. He led the majors in appearances the past three seasons, including a career-high 92 outings in 2010.

However, in January the Yankees decided to give two-year contract for eight million dollars that includes a club option for 2013 season. Of course I had some reservations.

"It's a small market when searching for left-handed and he is one of the best out there,''Cashman said. " But yes, normally one does not hurry to sign types that have been used that way.''

Feliciano was break the last week of spring training after suffering a sore shoulder. On Saturday said he was feeling better and hoped to start working the arm on Wednesday or Thursday.

Cashman said Feliciano is expected to be back in the lineup later this month after missing the first few weeks of the season.

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