Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pujols Ten Years with Cardinals

10 years ago, the baseball slugger Albert Pujols made ​​his debut with the St. Louis Cardinals left-field position and the sixth position in the batting order.

The three-time MVP of the NL remembers well the day: April 2, 2001 in Colorado. Before Saturday's game against the San Diego Padres, Pujols recalled that then thought it would be a short stay and would be sent to the minors after Bobby Bonilla recovered from an injured hamstring.

"I went up to the fifth and fourth place (in batting order) behind 'Big Mac' (Mark McGwire), and have been fixed in the third position for some time, " said Pujols. "I can not believe it has been 10 years. "

"Great memories, has been tremendous. A great ride and I enjoyed every moment, "he added.

A decade ago, Pujols thought his first major step would be brief because Bonilla was in the process of recovery.

"The reality is that I thought that two days after going down to minor leagues, " Pujols said. "He was the guy who had the option of returning to the minors. "

"(But) I did not think about it, in what I thought was simply making every effort to be here and obviously never looked back, " he added.

Manager Tony La Russa said Pujols had stayed in the team regardless of injury Bonilla, adding that the story told often simply gives you more flavor.

"That story has been told many times and it was all Bonilla. That was not true, " said La Russa. "It has been enlarged a bit. "

Before the second game could be his last season with Cardinals, Pujols said everything has gone fast.

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