Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real Madrid and Barcelona Tie

The spanish league leader, the Barcelona, could not convict the Spanish championship Saturday after a 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in the "classic " of the 32 th day of the League, played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.

Barcelona suffered during the first part to a very defensive Madrid until the beginning of the second, Leo Messi Barca ahead from the penalty spot (53) before Cristiano Ronaldo in 82 also will match penalty.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho went on Saturday determined to avoid touching the Barcelona game, so in the first half opted for containment, leaving Mesut Ozil in the bank and putting the usually central Pepe, reinforcing midfield ahead of the central defense.

The Real Madrid, who still remembers the 5-0 in the first round league opted to give the ball to the visitors and hope in their field to try and get out on the counter or send long balls looking for Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

Messi had great difficulty on Saturday to display their usual game, well marked and under pressure from Pepe in a game of high tension, harsh, at times.

The Real Madrid, who had opted for the long ball, had his best options in the set pieces, one of which, the stroke of halftime when after a corner kick, Sergio Ramos sent back post header to the first Where Cristiano nodded, only to see Adriano pulled his shot almost from under the sticks (45).

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