Sunday, May 29, 2011

Manny Acta Owns Cleveland

The baseball stadium in downtown Cleveland, is vibrated with emotion several times this season and have not done in years, and now suddenly was shaken with a familiar song.

Manny Acta swears he did not hear.

When the manager of the Cleveland Indians forthe second consecutive year he walked calmly back to the dugout after being ejected for arguing a close play that did not help his team in the eighth inning against the Boston Red Sox , the eyes of Act remained fixed on the lawn in front of his boots while Cleveland fans gave him a serenade.

"Manny, Manny, "he exclaimed. Acta joked that the ovation was possibly a former star of the Indians, with Manny dreadlocks. "It could have been because Manny Ramirez walked into the stadium at that time, "he joked. "There are plenty of Mannys in this sport.

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