Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Visit Ocean World

This Saturday 21 May, Ocean World will be visited by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, who are in the Dominican Republic for their annual calendar.

The beautiful young cheerleaders have patterned several photo shoots and film in the park Ocean World during their stay in the country and attend the World Ocean Lighthouse on Saturday night in order to present some of their stunts and routines that normally sensational place in the animation of the NFL games for the enjoyment of the audience at this renowned club in Puerto Plata.

Doing a bit of history, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders organization had its beginnings in 1966 where 125 girls were auditioned and selected these 48, under the direction of Bill Allen until 1977.

A year later the team owner Joe Robbie decided to change the image and over 300 beautiful and slender young chooses a group of 30 which in their presentations wore uniforms beautiful bathing suits and boots, making them a novelty for the time.

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