Monday, June 27, 2011

River Plate out of First Division in Argentine Soccer

Plate probably can not boast of its nickname "millionaire" or its palate for a good game and should get used to visiting hostile stadiums without the support of their fans in Argentina's second division from next season.

At least play the classic against Boca ... But Boca Unidos de Corrientes.

River, the winningest team of Argentine football with 33 titles, lost the category for the first time in its history after drawing 1-1 on Sunday to Belgrano of Cordoba, in the first leg for the Promotion won 2-0.

Coach Juan José López resigned a day after the consummation of the decrease, while the security authorities and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) analyzed River apply tough sanctions against the violence by featuring their fans at the Monumental stadium and threats against the referee Sergio Pezzotta.

One of the two Argentine football greats along with Boca Juniors beat be replenished fast and adapt quickly to new "rules" that await in the second division if you want to stay here is brief.

For starters, their income will be considerably lower.

Perceived to Sunday River 30 million pesos (7.5 million) in royalties television season. From now receive only 4 million pesos (one million dollars). In addition, sponsors may be unwilling to pay the same amounts with the team down.

This will bring consequences in shaping the campus and it will cost to finance a gigantic structure of more than 1,000 employees, other sports, school and college, and dealing with a million-dollar debt that no one dares to state.

Dodgers files for bankruptcy

The economic problems that cross the Los Angeles Dodgers had today, Monday, the official outcome of the presentation qualify for bankruptcy to try to overcome the difficult situation in a historical teams of Major League Baseball.

In addition to its current owner Frank McCourt directly accused the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, have been the "guilty" of allowing this situation to reach not to authorize the television contract that the team had agreed with the Fox News Sunday

The Dodgers had all the legal documentation to qualify for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court, while McCourt said that if he had given situation without interference "negative" and "intentional" Selig.

According to the statement provided by the Lakers who play in the National League for Chapter 11 bankruptcy law will allow them to use 150 million dollars in its daily operations and gain time to reach an agreement with television.

"No interruptions in day to day business of the whole organization, the equipment itself or the fans," said the statement.

The bankruptcy protection will allow the Dodgers to obtain sufficient funding to ensure the economic stability of the long-term franchise, said the team plays in the National League.

Meanwhile, McCourt said the Dodgers have tried for over a year multimillion Selig approves the transaction with the Fox network, without success.

The agreement would give the Dodgers owner $ 385 million to resolve the legal dispute he has with his wife and partner Jamie McCourt about his divorce and ownership of the team.

Selig's refusal to approve the contract McCourt has placed in danger of failing to pay payroll of June 30 and hence it was decided to invoke bankruptcy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Villas Boas will coach english Chelsea

André Villas Boas, three-time champion with Porto, became the seventh coach of the "Blues" in the era of Roman Abramovich. Their similarities with "Mou" dazzled the Russian billionaire.

Villas Boas, who led Porto to keep the domestic double and win the Europa League last season, replaces the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, who was fired in May after a drought of trophies in his second season in English club. Agreed to a three-year contract to become the youngest coach in the Premier League with 33.

Chelsea will pay 13.3 million pounds (21.5 million) buyout clause of his contract at the club Portugal. "André was the outstanding candidate for the job", the London club issued a statement on its website ( "One of the most talented young technicians of football today and has already achieved much in a relatively short space of time," he continued.

Villas Boas worked as a scout at Chelsea Jose Mourinho, who left the Porto seven years ago to move to the Premier League. Villas Boas, who has proven to be very shrewd in the transfer market, would likely try to persuade the Colombian striker of Porto, Radamel Falcao Garcia, to go with him to Chelsea after a prolific season in which scored 17 goals in Champions League .

As Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka battle for a spot in front, Falcao's arrival would give the apprentice "Mou" a formidable scoring power.

"There is no doubt that the challenge for me is to keep winning. I am an individual who is hungry for success and wants to stay that way," said the coach in his first Chelsea TV. "Do not expect some one man," but also reminded the Portuguese, who signed a 4.4 million pounds (7.1 million) annually.

Oberkfell may manage Tigres del Licey

Fernando Ravelo, general manager of Licey, met with Ken Oberkfell who is the current bench coach of the New York Mets.

"Oberkfell was the first candidate we interviewed on this tour here in the U.S.," said Fernando Ravelo, during his visit to Citi Field, home of the Mets.

During the 2009 season and 2010 Oberkfell was managing the Buffalo Bisons, the main branch of the Mets team in the International League, AAA and last November replaced Terry Collins as bench coach.

"We liked his interview, and he also knows the dominican league as a player and was also manager of the year, is a very good candidate for the job" Ravelo said.

Oberkfell, 55, led the Leones del Escogido to get his championship number thirteen in the Dominican Winter League and their third Serie del Caribe in Isla Margarita, Venezuela in 2010.

ESPN Dominican Radio Begins

Radio on Tuesday formally began broadcasting in Santo Domingo, over 104.5 FM and also extends to 690 AM, at the hands of "Lopez Group Communications," with a program one hundred percent of sports entertainment.

The radio epitomizes the disciplines followed by dominicans, making ESPN the main source of information for sports fans.

And this is made possible to have recruited the most respected and knowledgeable voices of Dominican Republic, whose credibility and ability to research chronic ensure fresh, first-hand to the hearers.

Figures as high as Romeo Gonzalez, Ricky Noboa, Roosevelt Comarazami, Daniel Díaz Alejo, Carlos Almanzar, Enrique Rojas, Mario Emilio Guerrero, Bienvenido Rojas, Hector Garcia Dionisio Soldevila and are part of the newspaper staff of the station.

ESPN Radio's programming is composed, among other contents, "Sports Breakfast", "Formula ESPN", "Great in Sports", "ESPN Zone," "Deportivíssimo", "The Voice of the Fan," among others.

"We have entered a new era in broadcasting transmission Dominican with ESPN Radio, the first international chain established a subsidiary in the Dominican Republic to transmit 24 hours continuously, the president said Lopez Communications Group, RJ Lopez.

The Lopez Group Director Corporate Communications, Mr. Aldo R. Rosario said: "We are changing the sports history of the Dominican Republic, not only with 24 hours of sports broadcast through an FM and AM simultaneously, but by the wearing of the fanatic national coverage from coast to coast."

ESPN Radio analysis promises, information, sports coverage and up to the most relevant local and international sport as a way that the fan is in its programming all you need to keep abreast of global sporting events.

ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is a chain specializing in sports, sporting events dedicated to transmitting 24 hours a day, around the world. Founded in September 1979.

Riley defends Spoelstra and Lebron

The president of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley, defended coach Erik Spoelstra and LeBron James to offer his vision of what happened to the team during the regular season in the NBA Finals, losing to the Dallas Mavericks.

"Apart from not got the league title was historic season for the Heat and therefore must follow the same path," said Riley, 66. "We will have the same coach and there will be few changes in players."

Riley ruled again that goes back to the bench to lead the team next season. "I will not do that," Riley responded to the specific question about his possible return as coach.

"I do not mean it has no enthusiasm to do it, but now there in the office a great young coach and I want to give my support to grow as I did."

Spoelstra concludes the 2011-12 season of the four-year contract he signed to replace Riley.

Riley, who declined to discuss the 15 points the Heat lost in the second game of the Finals, said the coach was not up for debate, but neither spoke of a possible contract extension Spoelstra.

The Heat president also referred to their situation within the team and said he would continue in the same manner until you wanted to, always in agreement with Micky Arison, the owner of the franchise.

FIA rules prohibit altering engine

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) issued on Monday a letter to the Formula 1 teams which prohibits changes to the arrangements of the engines of the cars between qualifying sessions and races, said yesterday a spokesman for the same.

"The FIA, F1's regulatory authority informs the teams that analyzed data from the first seven Grands Prix (Category) have been detected striking differences in the regimes of the engines of certain structures," among the classifications and races, the spokesman said justifying the measure.

Moreover, the Italian Formula 1 team Ferrari called yesterday on its website of "enormous nonsense" the rumors of transfer for next year's Jenson Button (McLaren), world champion in 2009, the legendary team peninsular .

"Rumors of the market for some years now, at any time during the season, baited with Ferrari, regardless of whether the 'Scuderia' go right, wrong or more or less," he quipped in a loose team signed "the Cricket rampant" in place of the "prancing horse" on its website.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Honda Shows New Car

The Japanese company
Honda has released at the Palais de Cibeles its new model FCX Clarity, the first electric vehicle with hydrogen fuel cell that can be marketed in Spain under the lease.

The main innovation of this car is that it generates its own electricity from hydrogen stored in a tank with a fuel cell. The hydrogen reacts with oxygen, produces electricity emitting only water vapor.

This allows the car is much cleaner, plus it has a sound impact on the environment less than other vehicles. It is also more efficient and involves no loss of performance compared to other models.

Thus, the recharge takes only three to four minutes, has a range of 460 kilometers and reaches 160 miles per hour with great acceleration.

Albert Pujols out for 4 to 6 Weeks

The slugger from St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols will be out four to six weeks because of a broken left forearm.

The team said Monday the results of an MRI, a day after the dominican super star is injured during a home game against Kansas City.

The Cardinals said Pujols has a fractured left radius.

General manager John Mozeliak was to discuss the situation later on Monday.

The star player was injured after a bruise batease Wilson Betemit in the middle against starter Jamie Garcia.

Pete Kozma The waiter caught the ball with the glove inside out and launched into the air toward first, pulling toward the plate Pujols. When he tried to touch Dominican Betemit, it hit his glove and Pujols hit the ground, writhing in pain.

"He hit me in the wrist and shoulder," Pujols said later. "I jammed my arm back. It's harder to play at first base ... I saw the replay a few times, but really did not want to look at."

Pujols, 31, can become a free agent once the season ends. He well be placed on the disabled list 15 days initially.

The star slugger is averaging .279 after a slow start this season.

Betemit said he could not do anything to avoid the collision.

"I was running hard and the ball arrived at the same time I was at the base," Betemit said. "He could do nothing. I hit on the left arm, so he dropped the ball. I bumped into him and then I saw him on the floor. It is part of the game."

St. Louis is tied for first in the Central Division of the National League, despite suffering a series of recent injuries. Pujols was injured three days after the cleanup hitter Matt Holliday returned after a hamstring injury that left him on the disabled list 15 days.

Third baseman David Freese, second baseman Skip Schumaker and pitcher Kyle McClellan have also lost games for a franchise that early in the campaign lost its main starter, Adam Wainwright, the rest of the year.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicharito Goals with Manchester United

Mexican soccer star Chicharito Hernández who played for Premier League Champions Manchester United is a reality.
Here we will the 20 goals Chicharito scored for Man-U in his first season with the Red Devils:

Toyota Corolla 2011 test

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lebron is the Biggest loser in NBA

The Miami Heat
finished the 2010-2011 season with a press conference in which LeBron James tried to clarify his words after Sunday's loss, which gave the NBA championship to their rival, the Dallas Mavericks .

"All people who are blaming the failure, will eventually have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before they wake up, " James said on Sunday. "I will continue living the way I live and keep doing the things I want to do me and my family. They can get a few days you are not happy, but will have to rejoin the real world at some point. "

Soon it was James himself who had to return to the real world to qualify his words, saying he was not better than anyone, and realize how much was lost with his poor performance in the Finals.

"I could have a bad start, but that was not my intention. I said that at the end of the day, this season was over and everyone has to move on with your life, "said James. "They have to move on with your life and your day to day, good or bad, and me too. At the end of the day, I have to move on with my life. Therefore, he was not saying 'I am superior or better than anyone, any man or woman on this planet', I'm not. "

This same front Miami Tuesday posted a message on its website discussing what to do in this offseason, while congratulating the Mavs on their deserved title.

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