Monday, June 27, 2011

Dodgers files for bankruptcy

The economic problems that cross the Los Angeles Dodgers had today, Monday, the official outcome of the presentation qualify for bankruptcy to try to overcome the difficult situation in a historical teams of Major League Baseball.

In addition to its current owner Frank McCourt directly accused the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, have been the "guilty" of allowing this situation to reach not to authorize the television contract that the team had agreed with the Fox News Sunday

The Dodgers had all the legal documentation to qualify for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court, while McCourt said that if he had given situation without interference "negative" and "intentional" Selig.

According to the statement provided by the Lakers who play in the National League for Chapter 11 bankruptcy law will allow them to use 150 million dollars in its daily operations and gain time to reach an agreement with television.

"No interruptions in day to day business of the whole organization, the equipment itself or the fans," said the statement.

The bankruptcy protection will allow the Dodgers to obtain sufficient funding to ensure the economic stability of the long-term franchise, said the team plays in the National League.

Meanwhile, McCourt said the Dodgers have tried for over a year multimillion Selig approves the transaction with the Fox network, without success.

The agreement would give the Dodgers owner $ 385 million to resolve the legal dispute he has with his wife and partner Jamie McCourt about his divorce and ownership of the team.

Selig's refusal to approve the contract McCourt has placed in danger of failing to pay payroll of June 30 and hence it was decided to invoke bankruptcy.

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