Thursday, June 23, 2011

ESPN Dominican Radio Begins

Radio on Tuesday formally began broadcasting in Santo Domingo, over 104.5 FM and also extends to 690 AM, at the hands of "Lopez Group Communications," with a program one hundred percent of sports entertainment.

The radio epitomizes the disciplines followed by dominicans, making ESPN the main source of information for sports fans.

And this is made possible to have recruited the most respected and knowledgeable voices of Dominican Republic, whose credibility and ability to research chronic ensure fresh, first-hand to the hearers.

Figures as high as Romeo Gonzalez, Ricky Noboa, Roosevelt Comarazami, Daniel Díaz Alejo, Carlos Almanzar, Enrique Rojas, Mario Emilio Guerrero, Bienvenido Rojas, Hector Garcia Dionisio Soldevila and are part of the newspaper staff of the station.

ESPN Radio's programming is composed, among other contents, "Sports Breakfast", "Formula ESPN", "Great in Sports", "ESPN Zone," "Deportivíssimo", "The Voice of the Fan," among others.

"We have entered a new era in broadcasting transmission Dominican with ESPN Radio, the first international chain established a subsidiary in the Dominican Republic to transmit 24 hours continuously, the president said Lopez Communications Group, RJ Lopez.

The Lopez Group Director Corporate Communications, Mr. Aldo R. Rosario said: "We are changing the sports history of the Dominican Republic, not only with 24 hours of sports broadcast through an FM and AM simultaneously, but by the wearing of the fanatic national coverage from coast to coast."

ESPN Radio analysis promises, information, sports coverage and up to the most relevant local and international sport as a way that the fan is in its programming all you need to keep abreast of global sporting events.

ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is a chain specializing in sports, sporting events dedicated to transmitting 24 hours a day, around the world. Founded in September 1979.

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