Thursday, June 23, 2011

FIA rules prohibit altering engine

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) issued on Monday a letter to the Formula 1 teams which prohibits changes to the arrangements of the engines of the cars between qualifying sessions and races, said yesterday a spokesman for the same.

"The FIA, F1's regulatory authority informs the teams that analyzed data from the first seven Grands Prix (Category) have been detected striking differences in the regimes of the engines of certain structures," among the classifications and races, the spokesman said justifying the measure.

Moreover, the Italian Formula 1 team Ferrari called yesterday on its website of "enormous nonsense" the rumors of transfer for next year's Jenson Button (McLaren), world champion in 2009, the legendary team peninsular .

"Rumors of the market for some years now, at any time during the season, baited with Ferrari, regardless of whether the 'Scuderia' go right, wrong or more or less," he quipped in a loose team signed "the Cricket rampant" in place of the "prancing horse" on its website.

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