Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FIFA is corrupted

Joseph Blatter acknowledged yesterday that the scandal over alleged vote-buying has left the FIFA "trembling on its foundations", a day before the election which is expected to give him four more years at the head of world football.

It was a surprising change of address within 24 hours. On Monday, Blatter had categorically denied that there was a crisis over the alleged bribery case that led to the suspension of its only rival in the election, Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam.

On Tuesday, two other sponsors broke the unspoken rules of corporate decorum to criticize the harmful effect that is the case on the image of football and, consequently, their million-dollar global investment.

Until the International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge compared the situation to FIFA with the crisis of corruption before the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City and recommended football impose the same kind of reforms which then saved the IOC.

"I'm sure FIFA also can emerge stronger from this,'' said Rogge at the 208 delegations attending the FIFA Congress, which on Wednesday will have little choice but to give Blatter, 75, a final term.

England launched a minority to postpone the election but did not find more support than that of Scotland, when you need the agreement of more than 150 branches to promote the proposal. So Prince William, chairman of the Football Association.

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