Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jackson will coach NBA Golden State

Mark Jackson showed all the personality he had as a player and television analyst on his first day as coach of Golden State Warriors.

Declaring that "Bay Area will never be the same, " Jackson vowed profound changes in the franchise.

Jackson was
introduced by the Warriors in a hotel in San Francisco near the bay where the team plays in Oakland.

The Brooklyn native and former New York Knicks base said the Warriors will make the area "west of New York"in NBA circles, attracting free agents under discussion that the franchise could never achieve. He even predicted that there will be championship banners in the near future.

The Warriors have made ​​the playoffs only once since 1994 and have not won a title since 1975.

Jackson agreed to a six million dollars for three years to take over a team that was 36-46 last season. Was an improvement over ten games last season, but not enough to save Keith Smart.

"We will not accept mediocrity," Jackson said, hinting at his Brooklyn accent. "Some things start to change seriously. "

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