Monday, June 27, 2011

River Plate out of First Division in Argentine Soccer

Plate probably can not boast of its nickname "millionaire" or its palate for a good game and should get used to visiting hostile stadiums without the support of their fans in Argentina's second division from next season.

At least play the classic against Boca ... But Boca Unidos de Corrientes.

River, the winningest team of Argentine football with 33 titles, lost the category for the first time in its history after drawing 1-1 on Sunday to Belgrano of Cordoba, in the first leg for the Promotion won 2-0.

Coach Juan José López resigned a day after the consummation of the decrease, while the security authorities and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) analyzed River apply tough sanctions against the violence by featuring their fans at the Monumental stadium and threats against the referee Sergio Pezzotta.

One of the two Argentine football greats along with Boca Juniors beat be replenished fast and adapt quickly to new "rules" that await in the second division if you want to stay here is brief.

For starters, their income will be considerably lower.

Perceived to Sunday River 30 million pesos (7.5 million) in royalties television season. From now receive only 4 million pesos (one million dollars). In addition, sponsors may be unwilling to pay the same amounts with the team down.

This will bring consequences in shaping the campus and it will cost to finance a gigantic structure of more than 1,000 employees, other sports, school and college, and dealing with a million-dollar debt that no one dares to state.

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