Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ubaldo Jimenez traded to Indians

Dominican pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez passed the physical exam in the last step of the trade that sends him to the Cleveland Indians from Colorado Rockies.

The Indians announced during Sunday's game against Kansas City that the deal had been completed. Jimenez can expect to strengthen their rotation as they try to snatch the top spot in the Central Division of the American League Detroit Tigers.

Colorado adquired young pitchers Alex White and Joe Gardner, first baseman Matt McBride and a player whose name has not been released and could be Drew Pomeranz. Pomeranz and White are considered the biggest prospects in the Cleveland team's minor leagues.

Jimenez made ​​a physical examination in the training complex of the Indians in Arizona.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hanley Ramirez in trouble with Florida Marlins

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Hanley Ramirez responded to the criticism of special adviser to the Marlins, Jeff Conine.

Last week, a Miami radio program, Conine said that if he had power we would trade Ramirez and every night he feel frustrated when he sees Ramirez playing shortstop.

"If Conine has a problem, he just have to come and talk to me as a man," Ramirez told the newspaper. "He do not be chicken and talk radio, because everyone will find out what it says."

Ramirez thought was right not to qualify as a player who does not care or no effort, and questioned the timing of the statements Conine.

Ramirez batted 5-2 with an RBI double in the third game of Florida in Washington and made an impressive play at shortstop, but made a mistake and was caught in robbery attempt.

That was after the three-time All-Star and former Rookie of the Year in the National League said he wanted to be in Florida the rest of his career and the Hall of Fame as a member of the Marlins.

He also wants to take over the nickname Conine.

"I think he wants to be 'Mr. Marlin' forever," said Hanley. "That will not happen. I will be 'Mr. Marlin'. Now that's my goal. [Before comments Conine] that had not crossed my mind."

"I'm still playing. Where is he? I'm just happy to be in the league. I do not care what people say."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Milan Wants Kaka One more Time

It seems
the tune of the summer, but is still dropping from Italy that the Brazilian could return to be his home for six seasons, so, speaking to Sky Sports, Adriano Galliani has left between seeing that there are still possibilities that the Rio rossonero view this season, as reflected in the portal

AC Milan wants Ricardo Kaka's like a dream. Lombard leaders are aware that the Brazilian's return to the discipline Milan could excite fans and make the team to shine in Europe, as it did in the past with Kaka in their ranks.

With these, one of the highest standards of the Alpine Club, the vice president Adriano Galiiani has left the door open to white player, "Kaka? All these agreements are always difficult because there are serious financial problems. We are calm. Now, let's see what passes ...".

The big problem to tackle a letter by the player is the prohibitive cost. The economic situation in the Italian club is buoyant and can not afford the high wages enjoyed by the player at Real Madrid, which complicates their transfer.

Chelsea will also want Kaka in Premiere League.

But Milan is not the only one interested, as the Chelsea Villas-Boas could also have the name of Brazil in its agenda. Abramovich has always loved football and the status of alternate player at Real Madrid could make the British decided to undertake his signing.

Reggie Bush Signed with Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints reached an agreement for trading running back Reggie Bush and Jay Glazer reported by NFL Network.

Bush, meanwhile, completed the deal by agreeing to a contract with the Dolphins for two years and $ 10 million, however, does not yet know the compensation will have the Saints in exchange.

Miami strengthened its backfield suffered a low of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

Williams played for the Saints in 2002, both Bush and Williams are Heisman Trophy winners selected in the Draft by New Orleans.

Bush had to return his Heisman Trophy for having received financial remuneration from USC in college stage.

The Dolphins selected Daniel Thomas, a broker at Kansas State in the second round draft pick and had explored the hiring of Ahmad Bradshaw and DeAngelo Williams of the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers respectively.

Dominican Santana Pitched a No-Hitter

Dominican pitcherErvin Santana pitched a no-hitter yesterday for the Los Angeles Angels for the first time after 27 years.

With an impeccable work on the mound, the right got his ninth victory over the Cleveland Indians, by score of 3-1.

Santana struck out 10 batters and allowed only two players advancing, center fielder Ezequiel Carrera, who reached base by taking advantage of an error, and a man with a walk in the eighth.

The pitcher dominated the Cleveland battery and threw the first no-hit solo club Los Angeles from September 30, 1984.

After releasing his pitching gem, Santana said after removing the eighth realized it was close to launching the game no-hitter.

"Many pitchers feel that after five or six innings, but that's where things start to get complicated," said Ramirez, knowingly, as in his previous opening, against Baltimore Orioles right-hander did not allow that connect you to hit during the first five innings.

Ex-Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu Dies

Hideki Irabu, one of the first players to change the Japanese league for the MLB and famous for provoking the wrath of George Steinbrenner during his three seasons with the New York Yankees, was found dead Wednesday.

"Apparently it's a suicide," said Sergeant Michael Arriaga of the LAPD.

Irabu was found in a house in Rancho Palos Verdes, a suburb of the Californian city, said Arriaga, who has not clarified whether it was the home of baseball or not.

The right-hander was an enigmatic figure because of his actions, his weight problems and his inconsistency both within and outside the field, as well as the great excitement caused due to its success in Japan.

Irabu was arrested twice in the last three years, once for assault in a bar in Japan and another for driving while intoxicated in California.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gay Volleyball league in Dominican Republic

With so many suffered discrimination as a way of being together, a group of gay, bisexual, transgender players decided to establish the unique Volleyball League Koko in 1987.

They play every sunday at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

They had no other for having different sexual preferences common to the Dominicans, were eradicated from the different leagues playing.

"That led to us will group," says Lenin Arias, president of the organization.

"It was not easy all you have past or our permanence as a league," he exclaims, "La Pinky," as he calls himself.

The league started with ten players and now has 42, despite the defections of members who have gone to live abroad, in some cases for reasons of study and / or to be more open societies.

Although within a year their wedding Koko Silver, its members continue to be viewed with scorn and inquisitive eyes often accompany them from opting to leave their homes.

"Everyone in this society have the same rights, but unfortunately here in the Dominican Republic is not so," regrets "Yuri" fictitious name of a systems engineer who prefers to remain anonymous for fear that his being gay could take action against the public institution where he works.

"The feeling of discrimination aimed at the community GBTH (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gay) is felt and expressed in every stage of society, regardless of your status, race, religion, etc.," regrets "Yuri" who decided to break the ice on the group and present a problem for so long has been affecting him.

Giants Visit Obama

President Barack Obama on Monday praised the World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants as the "characters with character" in the majors.

Obama in the White House received the Giants to celebrate their overwhelming victory 4-1 in the series against the Texas Rangers in the Fall Classic last year.

The president was also accompanied by some lawmakers as the leading Democrat in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the legend of the Giants, Willie Mays.

Obama said that Mays was an outfielder of 23 years old when the Giants won their last World Series in 1954.

Obama also highlighted the work of lanky pitcher Tim Lincecum, known as "The Phenomenon", and reliever Brian Wilson, famous for a long beard and a weird outfit. Obama said the Giants would be "a little different," but "one thing they have shown is how to win."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kobe Bryant Would play in Turkey

Turkish basketball team Besiktas confirmed they have been in talks with representatives of NBA star Kobe Bryant talked about the possibility that he can play with them during the strike of the NBA.

"Bryant's managers have contacted us," Ataman said coach Erin on Thursday, a week after he signed Deron Williams.

NTV Spor Monday in Turkey reported that Besiktas is undergoing some budget problems due to match-fixing scandal that rocked the football world dle Turkey.

Besiktas was initially prepared to offer Bryant a monthly salary of $ 500,000, but Bryant is looking for a million a month to join Williams, whose total salary for one year would be five million dollars.

Before the financial crisis in football, Bryant and Besiktas were in serious talks to reach an agreement.

But now, the Turkish team will depend on sponsorship to sign more stars to his team. However, that possibility remains open because of the agreement from Bryant with a Turkish airline.

Williams sent a tweet the other day a picture of his contract with Besiktas. This agreement would not be impacted by the crisis in football.

Where to go ahead with the negotiations, the contract a clause Bryant would immediately return to the NBA when the strike ended.

In Turkey, confirmed that representatives of other NBA players also contacted, but gave no names.

Chicharito's Jersey is one of the most sold worldwide

echo of the great debut season that was Javier Hernandez Manchester United continues to resonate in the world.

The "Chicharito" has gotten the exclusive list of the 10 players who sell shirts in the Premier League, showing that success this year goes beyond the playing field.

According to the portal the front of the Mexican ranks fourth in a list of the 10 players in the Premier League and more shirts sold in the world with his name and coat of your own team .

In fact
, Hernandez stands as the second player of Manchester United, whose jersey is the most requested, as Wayne Rooney takes the first place.

Remarkably, Javier Hernandez is one of three newcomers to the listed players, although it is the best position to occupy. The figures were released, but it is estimated that since 2005, the "Red Devils" have sold an average of 1.2 to 1.5 million shirts per year, followed by Liverpool that sells about 900 000 around the world.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ford Launch Live Asistance

The war in the supply of telematic services in cars intensified today with the announcement by Ford and Nissan that will provide live telephone support to customers, in direct competition with General Motors OnStar.

Telematics services have become in recent years one of the areas most competitive sector.

In late 2010, the OnStar system from General Motors (GM) was about six million subscribers in the United States and Canada which is the automaker a thousand 200 thousand 800 million dollars in revenue a year.

OnStar offers telephone assistance to drivers through the same operators that serve requests for assistance in case of an accident that provide directions.

Recently, GM began offering OnStar owners of vehicles from other manufacturers, which opens the door to a potential market of tens of millions of drivers in North America.

But Ford said today that a trial will offer "Operator Assist" SYNC system through telematic which are endowed with many of its vehicles, opening a new front in the war telematics automakers.

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