Monday, July 18, 2011

Ford Launch Live Asistance

The war in the supply of telematic services in cars intensified today with the announcement by Ford and Nissan that will provide live telephone support to customers, in direct competition with General Motors OnStar.

Telematics services have become in recent years one of the areas most competitive sector.

In late 2010, the OnStar system from General Motors (GM) was about six million subscribers in the United States and Canada which is the automaker a thousand 200 thousand 800 million dollars in revenue a year.

OnStar offers telephone assistance to drivers through the same operators that serve requests for assistance in case of an accident that provide directions.

Recently, GM began offering OnStar owners of vehicles from other manufacturers, which opens the door to a potential market of tens of millions of drivers in North America.

But Ford said today that a trial will offer "Operator Assist" SYNC system through telematic which are endowed with many of its vehicles, opening a new front in the war telematics automakers.

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