Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gay Volleyball league in Dominican Republic

With so many suffered discrimination as a way of being together, a group of gay, bisexual, transgender players decided to establish the unique Volleyball League Koko in 1987.

They play every sunday at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

They had no other for having different sexual preferences common to the Dominicans, were eradicated from the different leagues playing.

"That led to us will group," says Lenin Arias, president of the organization.

"It was not easy all you have past or our permanence as a league," he exclaims, "La Pinky," as he calls himself.

The league started with ten players and now has 42, despite the defections of members who have gone to live abroad, in some cases for reasons of study and / or to be more open societies.

Although within a year their wedding Koko Silver, its members continue to be viewed with scorn and inquisitive eyes often accompany them from opting to leave their homes.

"Everyone in this society have the same rights, but unfortunately here in the Dominican Republic is not so," regrets "Yuri" fictitious name of a systems engineer who prefers to remain anonymous for fear that his being gay could take action against the public institution where he works.

"The feeling of discrimination aimed at the community GBTH (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gay) is felt and expressed in every stage of society, regardless of your status, race, religion, etc.," regrets "Yuri" who decided to break the ice on the group and present a problem for so long has been affecting him.

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