Friday, July 22, 2011

Kobe Bryant Would play in Turkey

Turkish basketball team Besiktas confirmed they have been in talks with representatives of NBA star Kobe Bryant talked about the possibility that he can play with them during the strike of the NBA.

"Bryant's managers have contacted us," Ataman said coach Erin on Thursday, a week after he signed Deron Williams.

NTV Spor Monday in Turkey reported that Besiktas is undergoing some budget problems due to match-fixing scandal that rocked the football world dle Turkey.

Besiktas was initially prepared to offer Bryant a monthly salary of $ 500,000, but Bryant is looking for a million a month to join Williams, whose total salary for one year would be five million dollars.

Before the financial crisis in football, Bryant and Besiktas were in serious talks to reach an agreement.

But now, the Turkish team will depend on sponsorship to sign more stars to his team. However, that possibility remains open because of the agreement from Bryant with a Turkish airline.

Williams sent a tweet the other day a picture of his contract with Besiktas. This agreement would not be impacted by the crisis in football.

Where to go ahead with the negotiations, the contract a clause Bryant would immediately return to the NBA when the strike ended.

In Turkey, confirmed that representatives of other NBA players also contacted, but gave no names.

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