Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Major League Baseball ignore Arizona's inmigrants

The organizations that defend the rights of immigrants have seen the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, and hit a homer politicians are against their efforts to prevent the holding of the All-Star Game in Phoenix.

After the state of Arizona passed a law more restrictive and anti-immigrant who has entered into force in the United States, its attempt to boycott the "Midsummer Classic" collided with "indifference" Selig and local politicians.

Although a group of
Latin American players personally positioned against the holding of the All-Star Game, which was hosted at Chase Field in Phoenix at the end Selig and major office did their programming, without questioning at any time, the change of venue.

Hence, the claim made ​​by the Rev. Jesse Jackson to ask the participants in the All-Star to speak out against immigration law in Arizona, using the example of Jackie Robinson, when he became the first black to play in the major League Baseball, more than half a century too late and out of place, one more view to the "gallery".

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