Monday, August 8, 2011

Chicharito Didn't Rest Fine

British media
revealed that Manchester United Mexican striker, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez did not have adequate rest during the tour of the United States team, after suffering a mild concussion.

Last week in the preseason by the U.S. team, "Chicharito" received a balonazo in the head during a team training in New York, which caused the commotion.

As a result, the Mexican was taken to a hospital in New York where he spent a night and missed the game MLS All-Star, 27 July.

Even without the necessary rest, Chicharito left to go to campus to Washington, where the "Man U" faced Barcelona, ​​this route definitely could have been a key factor in the return of "Chicharito" is delayed, so says the Daily Star.

The newspaper said Javier Hernández was not allowed to fly even a short trip and this will certainly encourage the Mexican could be ready until late August and early March.

The Red Devils coach said that the Mexican would be sidelined for two weeks and then said the same technician for better recovery would have to spend four weeks sidelined, for now the player takes half weeks of inactivity.

It is expected that "Chicharito" will return to the court in the third round of the Premier League when Manchester United face Arsenal.

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