Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lebron obsessed with NBA ring

The Miami Heat forward LeBron James acknowledged Saturday in Barcelona that he is ​​obsessed with being an NBA champion, a title that has failed so far and put a finishing touch to his career.

"Right now, getting the ring in the NBA is everything to me. It is the goal I have when I work, because my thought is always to get it.

At this point the only thing that escapes me, and indeed to be NBA champion is an obsession I have, "he acknowledged.

James, who at 26 is considered one of the best players in the NBA and, unless that precious ring, he has won everything at the individual, just completed a tour of Asia.

At about the NBA lockout has said not to be unduly concerned: "We are immersed in it, but I'm really optimistic and I believe that the Players Association and the owners can reach an agreement to start the campaign."

After the defeat in the NBA Finals last season against Dallas, the eaves of Ohio said he "still has to do the best LeBron."

"I said that is true, but only time will tell. I'm ready to start next season and I want to improve as a player and person. I believe that has not yet seen the best of me. "

Some NBA players play in Europe raised or on other continents for the duration of the lockout in the NBA. The eaves of Miami has always been reluctant to play in Europe.

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