Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spanish players on strike

The Spanish Football Association (SFA) confirmed yesterday the suspension of the first date of the Spanish league season scheduled for the weekend, amid its labor dispute with the leadership of the league first and second divisions.

The players union said in a statement that the Professional Football League (LFP) issued orders to the referees of the first day of the two leagues "do not attend scheduled meetings," according to information published by news agency Europa Press.

"The SFA is aware that, by the LFP, we asked the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) reassignment of the first day of the National League Championship in First and Second Divisions, as opposed to that AFE-strike, considering a practice, "the AFE.

The union felt that at this decision "parties are clearly unattainable."

The AFE and LFP met yesterday for four hours and the union spokesman, Luis Gil, said he will meet again on Saturday with the hope of resolving the impasse.

"It was a long meeting and we hope to serve for the future. Each party we put on the table proposals to reconcile the views on the most divergent there, "said Gil, as Europa Press.

"Summons us tomorrow to bring them closer but for now they are distant, and were in securities to reach an understanding."

Gil said he does not know when they will play the first day of the season. "That depends on the rules of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

We have communications that arbitrators would not attend and therefore is a journey that can not be done, that does not mean it is not going to play, "he said. The AFE and LFP are locked in a dispute over the signing of a new labor agreement.

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